executive office space

The Importance of a Well Organized Office

executive office space

How much time have you wasted looking for a single document, file, email, or post-it note that you could have used to work on more productive tasks? If you’re like the average office worker, the answer is probably “Too many. “

Surveys show the average office worker loses about hour a day to disorganization. A cluttered environment contributes to wasting time and making mistakes in the workplace which can easily be avoided if some extra effort is made to keep your area neat and tidy.

 To have an efficient working environment you must maintain an organized desk or office. It takes much less time to take an hour or two a week to keep the space organized than to constantly have to keep looking for things or sorting through various forms of clutter.

Another thing to consider is what prospective clients might be thinking when they look at your workspace. They might feel you will lose an important document or not take your work so seriously. In situations where first impressions count, such as landing a new client, organization and cleanliness is something you don’t want to skimp on. Regardless of what size your office is, you want the space to reflect a certain level of professionalism that organization can offer.

Some measures you can take to get on track include organizing cables, de-cluttering and getting rid of everything you are not using and don’t need, using online calendars instead of sticky notes, labeling files and important documents so you can find them easier, archiving projects in bins or boxes when done and pre-sorting the mail as soon as you receive it so you know what to keep and throw away.

The amount of effort you put into creating and maintaining an efficient work area will pay off in the long run, allowing you to grow your business in the most efficient way possible. With an organized space, you can focus your energy on essential business tasks instead of spending time looking through piles of documents.