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Welcome to Executive Office Suites

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The Top 5 Benefits of a Virtual Office

More and more professionals are seeking flexibility and the ability to work virtually. Virtual offices meet this need, providing professionals with such benefits. Here are five other benefits of having a virtual office.

Decreased Overhead  

Virtual offices allow professionals to work where they are without having to move into a traditional office space. This allows them to avoid hefty expenses such as monthly rent or mortgage payments, utilities, staff pay, paid commute time and other common business expenses.  You can also save on technology costs since your employees may be able to bring their own technology to their jobs. Saving on these costs helps you to increase your margins and profitability.

At the same time, virtual offices provide a more professional look. You can work from home while having a legitimate physical business address. If you need to meet clients in-person, you can use the conference rooms available from our a la carte program at Alexa’s Workspaces. This option allows you to have the professional appearance of a corporate office at a very affordable rate rather than having to pay for this convenience every single day.


virtual office space ft lauderdaleVirtual offices allow you to work where and when you like. You can work from home or wherever you have Wi-fi while our in-house staff takes care of all the tedious administrative duties. This means no more sitting in traffic or waiting for the bus or train. No long, exhausting commute, plain and simple. At Alexa’s Workspaces, we can handle some of the typical office-related tasks for you, such as answering calls, forwarding messages, copying, faxing, notarizing, mailing documents and other administrative processes.

Increased Productivity 

Because virtual offices allow professionals to work from the comfort of their own homes or any other secure location, workers are often more productive.  They do not have to spend hours stuck in traffic. Many professionals prefer flex-work so they feel even more attached to their employer.  

Turnover rates are often decreased when companies provide more flexible options, so productivity also realizes an increase due to happier employees and more seasoned employees that do not have to invest time in training another round of new employees. Many employees prefer virtual offices and feel that this work arrangement instills trust in them and will likely work harder to prove this confidence is well-placed.

More Employee Options 

By allowing employees to work remotely, you can tap into worldwide talent.  By not being dependent on proximity, your business opens itself up to the potential of working with experts in the field, skilled independent contractors and prestigious employees who happen to be in other states or countries.  You can use a virtual office to set up a satellite office so that you can freely communicate with others around the globe. Virtual offices also allow you to work with people from other countries and cultures. Our offices hire bilingual staff who can help you communicate with your customers and clients in real-time.

virtual office in ft lauderdaleExpanding Is Easy

Freelancer or not, having a virtual office allows you to expand your business incrementally, and as is needed for the way it’s growing  This is a lower cost and stress-free alternative to traditional expansion which often require relocating to a larger office and paying even greater rent prices that may hurt productivity and increase overhead in ways that make your business unsustainable. Furthermore, familiarizing yourself with a virtual office can make expanding nationally and internationally much easier and less daunting.

Reap the Benefits of a Virtual Office with Alexa’s Workspaces

Whether you’re a small business that functions with low overhead, a corporation looking for a new location in Ft. Lauderdale, or an individual entrepreneur with a game-changing vision, if you would like to learn more about the many benefits that virtual offices provide, contact Alexa’s Workspaces at your convenience. An account manager can explain what you have been missing, and show you just how we have the sorts of office spaces that will work for you. Contact us today at 954-745-5800 to get started.