Business Benefits of Being Listed

Business Benefits of Being Listed on Yelp, Facebook and Google Maps

Yelp, Facebook and Google Maps can be free marketing tools that can have a powerful impact on your business if you know how to properly leverage them. Having listings on all of these platforms can provide the following benefits to your business:

Increased Opportunity to Convert 

Google Maps is optimal for local searches. When a user keys in a type of business and the location, your business may pop up. Since many of your customers or clients may be local, having a Google Maps listing is a great way to convert people looking for your services in your community into a new customer or client. A Google Maps listing is particularly helpful for people who are looking for your kind of business on a mobile device. When people search for your business, they may see your reviews and star rating, which can influence them to investigate your business further.

Opportunity to Review 

When you have a Facebook page, Google My Business page or Yelp page, you can collect reviews from your customers. Having these reviews increases your credibility. Sometimes customers are wary about using a business that has no reviews. Additionally, many customers rely on reviews before they make a purchasing decision. When customers are able to review your business, you have the option to get meaningful feedback on your business. You can respond directly to customers or clients. You can also address any noted issues so that you can show this customer and others that their satisfaction is your top priority.

Higher Google Rankings 

Businesses with more reviews and higher quality reviews tend to appear higher in search rankings. Being listed higher in searches can help your business be more visible and more likely to be selected over your competitors.

More Connections 

For social media platforms, having a business listing allows you to easily share information about your business with customers and potential customers. Additionally, you can use the platform’s ad services options to target a certain demographic so that other platform users will be able to see these ads when they are logged onto their page. Additionally, social media platforms may collect extensive data so that when a person searches for a similar business, your business may pop up in their results.

With Facebook in particular, customers may be more likely to consider reviews on this platform because these are their friends whose opinions they trust. Additionally, they may be based on more local business with the company, so they may be seen as a credible assessment of the business.

Help with Narrating Your Story 

When you are on these platforms and claim your listings, you get to help narrate the story of your business. You can ask satisfied customers and clients to write positive reviews that highlight the value of your goods or services. If someone leaves a review that does not reflect well on your business, you have an opportunity to address the situation, rectify the underlying problem and prove your commitment to customer satisfaction.