Virtual Office Solutions

The Most Common Working from Home Problems and Virtual Office Solutions

Many people today want to shed the corporate environment in exchange for a more flexible option like working from home. This option often helps individuals achieve a better work/life balance and increases overall productivity and happiness with a job. However, working from home requires discipline and may pose potential problems, but there are solutions to them. Some of the most common work from home problems and ways to solve them include:

Too Many Distractions 

Probably the most lamented work-at-home problem that people cite is that it is too distracting. Professional office spaces usually attempt to maximize productivity, but this can be difficult to achieve if your main office is at home or in a coffee shop. Additionally, people may attempt to impose on your time more because they perceive you as not being as busy because you are not going to a traditional office environment. Virtual offices can allow you to focus on your work and schedule your time in an efficient manner so that distractions are kept to a minimum.

Not Being Taken Seriously 

Professionals may be concerned that they are not taken seriously if their business address is their home address or customers do not have a good point of contact for face-to-face meetings. Some people may associate people who work at home as not being serious professionals. These misperceptions can tarnish your professional reputation and make your credibility suffer. Virtual office space can allow you to protect your professional image. You can set up a professional phone number, business mailing address and a professional receptionist to answer calls dedicated to your business. You can receive many of the same benefits as you would by leasing professional office space at a fraction of the cost.

Lack of Technology 

While many tasks can be completed with a smartphone and a laptop, professionals may need access to more technology. They may need professional phone lines, fax service, printing service or mailing service options. These are not typical concerns for a person working in an office who may have access to a technical team who can set up and keep updated all necessary devices. Additionally, problems may arise with a person’s home Internet service or other technology and no troubleshooting team is available. A virtual office provides all of the technological needs of a startup or other business without charging the high overhead costs and technology investments that are associated with leasing office space.

Staying on Schedule 

Because work and personal lines may blur when working at home, a person may get behind schedule while trying to handle a multitude of responsibilities. Virtual offices can help professionals stay on track. A receptionist can help keep appointments. Structuring a routine in which a person sets specified office hours also helps professionals stay on track.

Lack of Space 

In a busy city environment, there may be minimal space to work. There may not be enough space in a home environment to place a desk, office supplies, devices and other work needs. There also may not be enough space to have meetings with clients. Virtual offices can provide the space you need.