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Traveling for Business? Virtual Offices Are Your New Best Friend

If your work requires frequent business trips, you’ve probably thought about how much time and money you would save by working remotely, as opposed to maintaining your physical office. Aside from the added expenses of rent, parking, and commuting, physical offices also limit the flexibility and growth potential of many businesses. The long-term commitment and overhead costs associated with a physical office are no longer a sound investment in this economy. For this reason, virtual offices for business travel are becoming extremely popular.

Virtual offices aren’t just for normal business operations looking to manage remote or freelance work. They can also be incredibly useful for traveling business owners. This post will explain the benefits of using a virtual office while traveling for business.

The Benefits of Virtual Offices for Business Travel

The Global Business Travel Association reports that the “number of business trips taken annually in the U.S. was 488 million in 2016. This translates to an average of 12 to 14 trips per year, with 4 to 6 nights away from home during each trip.” This statistic only applies to traditional business traveling, so adding freelancers, digital nomads, and mercenary power would increase those numbers considerably.

business travel virtual officesBeing “out of the office” is no longer a valid excuse for not delivering your work on time. That’s why more professionals are turning to virtual office services, including receptionists, mail handling, and forwarding services. Conference and meeting rooms are also widely available through coworking spaces like WeWork.

Balancing Bleisure

While increased demand for global accessibility and instant results can make things stressful, people are more aware of self-care and work-life balance concerns. Working remotely can allow more family time, personal development, and vacations. Professionals of all ages and experience levels are becoming aware of the benefits of “bleisure” (Business + Leisure).

Expedia Media Solutions claims that 43 percent of business trips in the US are bleisure trips, and 84 percent of bleisure trips are in the same city or area as business trips. Aside from convenience, bleisure trips can also save money. Frequent flyers know that adding an extra weekend to a journey can cut down on the total price. This situation sounds like a win-win for everyone.

Building Your Virtual Office

Finding and carving out your own business travel offices will be an experience that is unique to your needs. Sales teams, media producers, and art directors all have different needs to maintain their ideal workflow. Researching and testing the newest apps and platforms will allow you to create the virtual office of your dreams much faster than you ever thought possible.


Sharing travel itineraries, business data, and emergency funds is simple with apps such as Tineri. Keep up with traveling employees with GPS-tracking and receive progress reports along the way. For matters too complex or delicate to manage on your own, consider hiring a virtual assistant, accountant, legal team, or COO to assist with heavy lifting.

temporary workspaces for business travelers


Make sure your team is on the same page with a project management app like Slack, Asana, or Trello. These apps enable secure file sharing, text messaging, and group functions that will make everyone’s lives easier, including managers, freelancers, and team leaders.


Pick and choose specialty apps and services to build the perfect virtual work environment for yourself and your team. Virtual assistants, video conferencing apps, and temporary workspaces for business travelers are all elements that may come in handy in future dealings. Business travel virtual offices and other virtual services are changing the way all organizations do business.

Thinking About Going Virtual?

At Alexa’s Workspaces, we concentrate on our clients’ needs, so they can concentrate on growing their business. If you are looking for first-class amenities, as well as a fully-customizable and flexible space to suit your specific needs – look no further! Call 954-745-5800 today and see why, at Alexa’s Workspaces, we don’t have clients – only colleagues.

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A Cheat Sheet for Running Productive Meetings

Meetings can be a time, energy, and morale drain for employees and business owners alike, especially if they are unnecessary, or employees can replace them with shorter check-ins or virtual updates. Did you know there are a sacred handful of productive meeting tips that elite managers and leaders utilize to avoid meeting sickness?

A productive meeting can go a long way toward your growth. That new client, partner, or employee could be the key to breaking through to the next level of achievement for you and your team. However, what steps are you taking to ensure that your meetings run as smoothly as possible?

Over 70 percent of senior managers surveyed by the Harvard Business Review agreed that meetings are “unproductive and inefficient.” Respondents also said that meetings “keep them from completing their work,” “come at the cost of deep thinking,” and “miss opportunities to bring teams closer.” Research shows that meetings have become longer and more frequent in the past half-century. In the 1960s, executives spent less than 10 hours a week in meetings. Today, that number exceeds over 23 hours per week.

This blog will offer practical tips for holding more productive meetings, including a strategy on how to run a productive meeting and effective meeting strategies for small business owners.

how to run a productive meetingPlanning Makes Perfect

Agendas and time limits are no fun, but they provide the structure for productive and organized meetings. According to research, 63 percent of meetings start without an agenda, and a Microsoft study found that “unclear objectives, lack of team communication, and ineffective meetings” are the top time wasters that make workers feel unproductive, totaling a third of their average workweek.

Don’t Force It

Just because you have a standing meeting doesn’t mean you have to force it into your schedule, especially if you have nothing to contribute. Close meetings with a review of upcoming deadlines and set plans to follow up as needed. These sessions are for crucial communication, and if you have nothing valuable to discuss, then your time and energy are likely better spent elsewhere. Save the status updates for a messaging system like Slack.

When you stop forcing meetings, your clients and employees will appreciate the respect you’re showing for their time by not monopolizing their schedule. When it’s truly time to meet, your conversations will be more productive and flow more naturally.

Keep It Relevant

When you are in a meeting, try not to get distracted by small talk, outbursts, or confusion. Make sure everyone remains engaged and informed on the topic. Create an open atmosphere for problem-solving and collaboration. Daydreams and digressions are indicative of the level of engagement in a meeting, and it is a meter for how relevant the conference is for those attending. Meetings should engross employee attention, and if they are not, then there is a managerial issue.

productive meeting cheat sheetGo Virtual

The final component of your productive meeting cheat sheet is a new outlook on meeting spaces. Modern workspaces offer flexible options for renting an office for meetings or conferences. Scheduling meetings while on business trips is easier than ever, and for those who handle business from home, you can now get things done remotely without anyone knowing you’re still wearing pajamas. 

Another bonus of doing business in the 21st-century is the availability of countless productivity apps at your fingertips. This convenience means all you need is a smartphone to mix and match your ideal digital office suite. Whether you are video conferencing with a prominent client or maintaining a detailed text thread between teammates, there’s an app that will help you get it done right.

Ready To Get Your Meetings Running Right?

At Alexa’s Workspaces, we concentrate on our clients’ needs, so they can focus on growing their business. If you are looking for first-class amenities, as well as a fully customizable and flexible workspace to suit your specific needs, then look no further! Call 954-745-5800 today and see why, at Alexa’s Workspaces, we don’t have clients, only colleagues.

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Setting Up a Temporary Office For Health Insurance Enrollment

November 1 starts enrollment for health insurance, and all businesses should know the added convenience that comes with setting up a temporary office for the employee health insurance enrollment process. 

According to, “Before 2014, you could buy an individual health plan at any time of the year. But now, except for special circumstances, you can purchase individual coverage only during the period known as open enrollment.”

The Kaiser Family Foundation reports that “approximately 14.4 million people purchased their own health insurance through the individual insurance market as of the first quarter of 2018. These individuals may be self-employed, work as independent contractors or own small businesses; others may work part-time or seasonally. Whatever the reason, they lack access to a comprehensive, employer-based benefits package.”

You may want to consider offering a smooth and easy experience for your employees and contractors by utilizing a temporary office to manage the complicated enrollment process. This blog will cover setting up a temporary office and the benefits a firm can enjoy in terms of efficiency and cost-cutting when they employ this small business hack.

health insurance for small business ownersSetting Up A Temporary Office

Finding temporary office space in this day and age is not as difficult as it was in previous generations. Popular shared workspaces like WeWork and The Gathering Spot offer flexible office space rentals, and terms that range from short to long term. While it may be tough to secure elite executive office space in these open environments, the flexible office space might be ideal for an option for a month of administrative traffic.

Pros And Cons Of Temporary Office Space


Temporary offices will streamline the arduous process of enrollment. The detour from regular office or workspace will keep traffic flowing and emphasize the importance of this process.


Instead of taking time, space and energy away from your company’s capital needs, you can find affordable open space in your area. Ultimately, cost-cutting measures can aid businesses in being able to offer health insurance benefits to grow and attract more competitive talent. You can also give employees hints on filling out their forms, possibly saving them (and you) money on health insurance obligations.

Small Business Control

As a small business, the benefits that you get from giving employees the temporary space to sort out enrollment is huge. Your Human Resources department can aid, guide and facilitate a smooth exchange of information between parties that are already familiar.

flexible office spaceOverall

Plans must cover certain benefits, but health coverage still varies, depending on how much of the costs are being paid. If you can afford to be there for your employees, then you should be. Walk them through the differences between bronze, silver, gold and platinum packages and advise with their best interest at heart. You will be making a long-term investment in your team’s human capital, fortifying your business and building morale and trust behind your leadership.

Ready To Learn More About Health Insurance For Small Business Owners?

At Alexa’s Workspaces, we concentrate on our clients’ needs, so they can concentrate on growing their business. If you are looking for first-class amenities, as well as a fully-customizable and flexible space to suit your specific needs – look no further! 

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Time Management 101: How To Create & Implement An Effective Schedule

Across industries and disciplines, one thing that separates the top producers from the rest of the field is time management. Whether you’re asking top professionals, artists, athletes or entrepreneurs, the secret to their success is often exceptional time management. Even if you’re not concerned with peak performance, time management is also a major key to cutting costs, building your network and maintaining your progress.

All that said, improving time management skills is easier said than done. No matter how well we may plan ahead, unforeseen circumstances can throw a wrench in our agendas. Time management masters are experienced in timing life’s curveballs and left hooks and leveraging them to their advantage. In this blog post, we’ll look at how to come up with and begin to activate a productivity-friendly schedule that is efficient, flexible and easy to implement.

Time Management Tips

Project Your Perfect Schedule

Before you can build an effective schedule, you have to have a vision of how to manage your time in your ideal lifestyle. That means you will have to consider all of your commitments to yourself and others, as well as future goals and responsibilities you would like to take on.

time management tipsNeed to make time for the gym or your significant other? Have a weekly commitment for your kickball team or family game night? Make a list of all the important events you want to squeeze into each day, week and month. Your tasks will quickly sort themselves into categories based on urgency and frequency.

Tool Up

There are hundreds of personal productivity apps available on your smartphone that can become an essential part of your time management system. Good old fashioned lists, calendars and alarms can also still help you build the basics of an effective schedule.

Whether you need a file-management app to get your digital workflow into manageable pieces, or a virtual assistant like Siri to help you quickly schedule and remember tasks, everything you need is at your fingertips.

Plan For The Best (And Worst)

The more time you invest in planning, the more control you have over your time each day. We all still have to accept that no matter how well we plan ahead, the universe has an infinite number of ways to rain on the occasional parade. Don’t let that discourage you from visualizing, strategizing and activating a solid plan.

Each part of your time management plan should come with contingency strategies that you can seamlessly transition to in case of an emergency. Basically, go ahead and plan that pretty picnic, but pack an umbrella just in case the weatherman has his head in the clouds.

Pace Yourself

One of the most important time management strategies is pacing. The tortoise and the hare already showed us the value of a steady pace. So what can you learn from marathoners about managing the precious seconds of each day?

time management skillsAccording to reports, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is known for jogging six miles every morning. Not surprisingly, his patience also translates to his business endeavors. Besides founding one of society’s most influential social networks and becoming its CEO, he’s also found time to create future-facing utilities Cash App and Square. By taking a marathoner’s approach to business, Jack has been able to juggle multiple billion-dollar companies without veering off course.

Stay Consistent

Legend has it that it takes at least 21 days to make or break a habit. When learning how to manage time better, you will want to master the power of repetition in order to stay agile and flexible with your planning. Once you get in rhythm, a consistent schedule will make it much easier to add and remove items from your agenda.

Keep Evolving

The importance of time management doesn’t end after a month or even a year of consistent productivity. Keep pushing yourself, exploring your goals and remixing your schedule to make your dreams a reality.

Have Time To Discover More Hacks?

At Alexa’s Workspaces, we concentrate on our clients’ needs, so they can concentrate on growing their business. If you are looking for first-class amenities, as well as a fully-customizable and flexible space to suit your specific needs – look no further!

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Why Executive Office Suites in South Florida May Unlock Success for Your Firm

There are certain places where the façade can be more important than what actually lies inside. When we are young, we are taught that we should not judge a book by its cover, but the objective reality is that most people tend to make snap judgments on just about everything, and those first impressions are hard to shake. The first impression that a person has about your business and its office space can shape perception, either positively or negatively.  South Florida is a place where perception is king. This is readily apparent when you look at the way people dress and at the cars they drive. According to Forbes, even back in 2009, over 14 percent of cars sold in Florida are luxury vehicles and the highest concentration of these is in the southern part of the state. This is significant when you compare that data point to say, New York, where the median income is much higher and yet only 11 percent of vehicles are luxury items. 

Executive Office Suites Fort LauderdaleFirst Impressions Count

Why are we willing to spend a lot of extra money and effort in our outward appearance? Simply put, because when someone sees you, they make a series of assumptions about whether they find you trustworthy, professional, smart, etc. These all tend to be based on the outer shell they see, and that first impression can last a long time and you only have an instant to make it. When it comes to business and the way clients and potential customers view us, the same principle is at play.  You have probably heard the phrase “dress for success.” A private office space with the modern amenities of executive office suites in Fort Lauderdale is the equivalent of dressing your business for success. By looking the part, your firm can unlock the next level of success and new avenues of clientele.

Proximity to Other Businesses

Having an executive suite office in one of our buildings will put you in close proximity to other like-minded entrepreneurs and businesses potentially opening a new pool of clients.  By being in the same office building you are likely to establish a rapport with the other tenants, this alone could prove to be a great opportunity to bring in new clients and close more deals.

New or Old Clients Will Be Impressed

Office Space

By providing your customers with an aesthetically pleasing and luxurious space to do business, you will impress them every time. Just imagine, your client walks into a building with amazing executive office suites in a nice part of town, equipped with a receptionist that offers him or her a hot cup of coffee and then guides the client to a top-of-the-line conference room with you and your team. That is how the right office place may unlock success for your firm, by providing the right experience.

If you are looking for first-class amenities, as well as a fully-customizable and flexible space to suit your specific needs – look no further! Call 954-745-5800 today and see why, at Alexa’s Workspaces, we don’t have clients – only colleagues.