How Workspaces Are Staying Safe During COVID-19

As COVID-19 remains a threat to many people, it is important to consider how you are keeping your environment safe and sanitized to minimize the risk of catching or spreading the virus. If you’re among the millions of people returning to their workplace, you may be concerned about how you, as well as your place of work, can minimize the risk of COVID-19, while remaining efficient and focused on your work. The good news is that now that we know more about the virus, many workspaces and businesses are able to reassess their offices and put extra measures in place to keep you safe.  

Though the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has guidelines for healthy and safe workspaces pre-COVID, the CDC has made more recommendations specific to the coronavirus that your workspace is most likely applying. Depending on your workplace, there may be many safe workplace solutions. Here are some of the most popular solutions that businesses are using to keep you safe:

  • Mask Mandates and Social Distancing. Many businesses are requiring employees and/or customers to wear masks while inside and around other people. Masks don’t necessarily have to be medical grade, but cloth masks should be washed frequently and disposable masks should be replaced as much as possible. Your workplace may also offer PPE for employees, too. Workplaces are also implementing social distancing measures, like separating desks, adding 6 feet markers where customers may stand in line, using every other desk or cashier, or even adding transparent barriers between visitors and employees to stop the spread of germs.
  • Frequent Sanitizing and Cleaning. Washing your hands frequently and practicing good hygiene is hopefully something you were already practicing pre-COVID. Now, many workplaces are adding hand sanitizing stations with sanitizers that are at least 60% alcohol, providing surface cleaners to encourage cleaning desks, handles, and other items you may come in contact with. Your workplace may also be hiring daily and/or weekly cleaning surfaces to do a thorough cleaning of the office.
  • Improve Ventilation. Installing an updated air ventilation system or taking measures to update your central air will make sure the air in your building is being constantly filtered and overturned with clean air. With consultation from an HVAC professional, you can do things like increase the percentage of outdoor air coming in, increase total airflow, or disable automatic controls that may decrease airflow based on occupancy, time of day, or temperature.
  • Develop Policies for Infection Preparedness or Sick People. Your workplace most likely has developed a protocol for making sure people don’t have COVID-19, as well as a plan if someone does end up with the virus. Some workplaces may require you to take a daily temperature test or a weekly COVID test and ask sick people or those with symptoms to stay home or quarantine for the specified amount of time to make sure the virus does not spread. If someone has ended up testing positive, there is probably a plan in place to isolate that employee, inform other employees of the virus, and ask people to self-monitor their symptoms, stagger shifts or limit numbers of employees into the building, or even close down the office and work from home until it is safe to work again. Inquire with your administration to see what their policies and plans are in the event of an infection at the workplace.

Finding an office space in the perfect location that’s perfect for your business shouldn’t be hard, and in the wake of COVID-19, making sure your workplace has a safe workplace solution may make your search even harder. Alexa’s Workspaces beautiful office spaces are now working hard to ensure everyone’s safety by personally providing hand sanitizer to each client, spacing out offices, encouraging social distancing and the use of masks and other PPE, and providing frequent cleaning. With two Florida locations in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, we guarantee that you’ll find your perfect workspace for whatever business you have. To request more information or find a location near you, visit our contact page.


What Types of Businesses Use Flexible Workspaces? Is This Right for My Business?

Don’t settle for an office that leaves you feeling insufficient. The days of small matching cubicles and stale coffee are over. Let your workspace reflect your business’ goals and dreams. Almost any business can utilize a flexible workspace but is it right for your business? Read below to learn what types of companies take advantage of a flex workspace.  

What is a flexible workspace? Is a flex space right for your business?
First and foremost, what is a flexible workspace? There is a lot of confusion around the idea of what it truly is. Some believe it’s a form of coworking, while others think it’s a type of floor plan. Flexible workspaces in Fort Lauderdale are office spaces outside of the traditional lease market. Like the name, it’s flexible to your business’ unique needs and can be designed with your company in mind. You won’t be tied down to a prearranged floor plan like traditional workspaces. Flexible workspaces are built on your needs rather than the profits of a leasing corporation. Bring your office to the next level and take control of your brand.

Most business work well in flex spaces, but the businesses listed below can benefit even more:

  • Entrepreneurs & Solopreneurs
  • Financial Service Providers
  • Investment Groups
  • Start-Ups of All Types
  • Accountants and Accounting Firms
  • Creative Agencies
  • Contractors & Construction Companies
  • Attorneys and Law Firms

Reasons to Choose a Flex Space

  1. Flex Vs. Traditional Office Spaces: Flexible workspaces are customizable to your needs and leave room for growth. Traditional office spaces control you with pre arranged floor plans that aren’t looking to enhance your work environment
  2. Increases Productivity: A recent study said that 71% of workers in a flexible workspace are more engaged, and 86% benefit from their custom work environment. Flex Spaces offer easy ways for your team to collaborate. Collaboration drives performance and is a great way to increase high-quality work and overall team bonding.
  3. Helpful Amenities: From a live receptionist to a professional environment, flex workspaces can enhance your brand’s identity and work atmosphere. Customize the look of your brand in every aspect you can. Whether it’s your website or the office space’s design, you can add your brand identity to anything. Brand identity can help your brand look more recognizable, reliable, and professional.
  4. Cost Savings: The customization factor can lower the price of your office. You won’t be paying for any unused spaces, just the things you need. Stay in complete control of your work environment with minimum set up costs and low overhead costs. Rent for shorter periods so you can effectively learn what your business needs with trial and error.
  5. Location: The location of flex spaces are generally around other companies than you can network with, learn from, and make valuable connections for your business.

Get an office space as unique as your business with the help of Alexa’s Workspaces. Luxury, convenience, and everything you need for success – at an affordable rate. It may sound like a dream, a fairytale for growing companies, but it isn’t. It’s the reality you get when you choose Alexa’s Workspaces. Contact Alexa’s Workspaces today at 954-745-5800! For more information, visit our website.