Amenities For Your Shared Workspace

Must-Have Amenities For Your Shared Workspace

What makes for a great shared workspace experience? Going beyond the basics to and combining the best features from the traditional office and the flexibility the 21st-century worker desires. 

For many of our members, choosing between a shared workspace and a traditional one is a no-brainer. While traditional spaces may have larger square footage and dedicated office spaces, shared workspaces offer unmatched amenities and services. 

If you or your business are looking to switch to a shared workspace, here are the 10 must-have amenities to look for in your new space:

  • Ultra-Fast Wifi. This, by far, is the number one prerequisite in a shared workspace. People will put up with less-than-perfect chairs, drink inferior coffee, and drown out noisy “office mates” with headphones. But slow or unreliable wifi is a definite deal-breaker. To ensure fast, reliable Internet connection, invest in quality IT services. 
  • Ergonomic Chairs. Since members will be spending most of their time working in your chairs, make sure they are adjustable, comfortable, and economical. Have a variety of seating options available so people can choose the best chair for their needs. 
  • Work Area Variety. Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits of a shared workspace, and that includes the type of work area. Some days work might require a quiet area or cubicle, other days may warrant sitting at a community table for a brainstorming session. Provide a range of workspace options including dedicated desks, single desks or cubicles, shared work tables, and standing desks. 
  • Call Areas / Phone Booths. Having a designated area to make and accept phone calls is two-fold: it allows members to have a private phone conversation without disturbing others and members don’t have to listen to a one-sided conversation in a shared space. 
  • Meeting Rooms. While not all members need access to a meeting room, but for those that do, this is an essential service. Meeting rooms can be for presentations, client meetings, group brainstorming, and interviews. They are also an option for longer phone calls if the designated call area is not a viable option. 
  • Dedicated Desks. A majority of members work from their laptop so their office literally travels with them. For members who require a specific set-up at their workstation (i.e. large or multiple monitors) or a secure storage area for work-related resources, dedicated desk works better fits their work needs. 
  • Engaged Community Manager. The community manager keeps your shared workspace running smoothly and fosters a sense of community. In addition, they greet members and visitors, answer the phone, give tours to potential members, and field numerous questions about the space. They also connect members, encourage new relationships, and strive to make the workspace experience the best for everyone.
  • High-Quality Office Equipment. State-of-the-art office equipment – including printers, scanners, and copiers – is essential in operating a fully-functioning shared workspace. Make sure you have a dedicated IT professional or team on-hand, as issues will occur with repeated and consistent use. You’ll want these resolved ASAP to keep your members happy and continuing to do business. 
  • Kitchen/Eating Area. Coffee and tea should be complimentary for all shared workspaces. As simple as it is, bottomless coffee (or tea) is a big perk and selling point of shared workspaces. A kitchen should also be available so members can store their lunch in the fridge, or make a meal and eat together in a dedicated area. 
  • Mail Service. A professional business address is a key feature, especially for new or start-up businesses. Depending on the workspace, there may be an actual mailbox or a locking file cabinet for mail storage. 
  • Recreational Area. Recreational outlets breed higher productivity. The best-shared workspaces have a rec area complete with nap rooms, gaming areas, and conversational couches to give members a place to relax, unwind, and bond with other members. 

Alexa’s Workspaces is the future of office spaces. We are proud to offer flexible, all-inclusive offices for a wide variety of professionals. Whether you’re a small business that functions with low overhead, a corporation looking for a new location, or an entrepreneur with a game-changing vision, we have the amenities and space you need for your business. 

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Is your Business Ready for a Cheap Office Space?

Searching for shared offices in Ft Lauderdale is a sign that you’re making an important business move. Getting office space is no small step. It’s one of the most crucial decisions that a new small business will make. The decision to move out of their home-based office and into an actual office space is pivotal for the future of your business.

Usually, this decision means that the business is growing and additional space is needed to facilitate that growth and better manage future investments. This decision only needs to be made after a long bit of consideration to make sure that you are actually ready for the move to a cheap executive office space. If you decide to move too soon, then you may run the risk of not being able to afford your new workspace and having to move your operation back home. 

Here are a few things you need to first consider when you think you are ready to move into an actual office space.

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The first thing that you need to consider when you think you are ready for a move is how much money you need personally to make sure your bills and expenses are covered. The utilities and expenses required of an office space can be high, and even if they are not, their prices are usually compounded by the fact that small business owners will also have to pay their home expenses. 

After assessing the amount, you need to see if you are consistently making more than that on a monthly basis and can expect to do so for the foreseeable future. This will help to confirm that you need a new office space and will help to give you the peace of mind that you will be financially stable when you make your move to a new office space. Don’t hesitate to shop around, and never rush into a long term commitment.

What Are Your Needs?

The next thing you need to consider is your needs in an office space and how much you can realistically afford to spend. For example, will you need one hundred square feet of floor space, or one thousand? Multiple desks or cubicles? Will you need to purchase expensive office supplies such as a copier or a printer? How about heating and air conditioning capabilities? Additional lighting?

After you decide on these sorts of variables, then you can move on and start narrowing down your searches for office spaces in Fort Lauderdale and until you find the right fit for your business. One of the most important factors in keeping your business on a successful path is getting the right office space for the amount of business you are doing.

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Give Yourself Room To Grow

Don’t rush to commit to a long term purchase or lease if your business plan doesn’t call for it. Consider short term rentals and low-intensity commitments so that you can commit your time and resources to growing your business.

Growth can happen overnight, and sometimes exponentially. So prepare for success and give your business room to bloom. Alexa’s Workspaces provides the stability, flexibility, and amenities you need to grow your business at your speed.

Alexa’s Workspaces is Your Best Choice for Office Spaces

One of the best and most economical office space rentals around is Alexa’s Workspaces. We have the amenities and space you need for your business. Whether you’re a small business that functions with low overhead, a corporation looking for a new location, or an entrepreneur with a game-changing vision, we have the sorts of executive offices that will work for you. 

Contact us at 954-745-5800 today and see why, at Alexa’s Workspaces, we don’t have clients – only colleagues.