Why Virtual Office Space is Ideal for Lawyers

Finding the perfect office space can be complicated for any business. It involves hunting for and finding the right location, at the right price point, and with the right amenities. Beyond that, leasing companies tend to rope renters into unnecessary, long-term contracts. Virtual offices, on the other hand, can be the perfect solution for lawyers seeking lower operational costs, access to a professional/office address, space to work and receive clients, administrative and reception services, a better work-life balance, and more. For these and other reasons, many lawyers have turned to virtual offices like Alexa’s Workplaces as their preferred option for executive office space.

Cost Savings

Keeping down operating costs is important to all businesses large and small, but it is particularly critical for smaller, independent attorneys with few resources. A virtual office is generally the same as a standard office with one major exception: the benefits gained are based on the package of virtual office services to which you subscribe. In other words, you just pay for the services you actually use. Real cost savings are accomplished through lower monthly rental fees than traditional office space. Some virtual office packages allow for scalable hourly rentals that allow the flexibility of using meeting space on an as-needed basis, and they are typically fully furnished. In addition, lawyers can choose to go into the office only when truly necessary, and may otherwise decide to work from home. This results not only in savings on commuting costs but also in a reduction of job-related stress.

Larger, well-established law firms have also enjoyed the benefits of unbundled commercial office services through the years. By setting up short-term contracts that provide a physical address and other services, many firms have managed to expand their businesses quickly to other regions while keeping costs to a minimum.


While it may be tempting for smaller solo practitioners to run their business out of the home, they run the risk of not appearing trustworthy or credible to customers. Simply providing customers with a physical business address can actually help boost your professional image. A virtual office is a great option for lawyers to meet with existing or potential clients. Furthermore, in some regions, it may be required for lawyers to have a corporate business address (other than their residential address) to be able to practice.

Privacy and Security

One of the biggest advantages of having a virtual office is the privacy gained not only by attorneys but by their clients. Having a virtual office space allows lawyers to cost-effectively meet with clients at a professional business location other than their personal residence, or at the local coffee shop where privacy can certainly be a challenge.

Establishing a virtual legal office at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office can be your reality today. Enjoy all the benefits of a prestigious downtown address while you work at home, on the road, or anywhere else. Your virtual office will be ready for you when you need it.

Alexa’s Workspaces are much more than the premier shared office space provider in South Florida. We have custom-built an array of workplace solutions designed to exceed our clients’ expectations. Moreover, we’re a local business that has seen success by helping other local businesses from local start-ups to enterprise and corporate clients. Call us at 954-745-5800 to learn about how you can gain competitive advantages with virtual office space, or visit us online.





Tip for Setting Up Your Computer

Tips for Setting up Your Computer in a Lease Office Space

Having a computer in your office is a vital part of staying connected to your work and your business. There are many considerations that you need to make before setting up your office computer because having the wrong set up can slow you down and decrease your overall productivity. You also need to make sure that all of the software that pertains to your business is up to date and fully functional. You should also be sure that you have enough memory and external storage to make sure you can store all of your documents and files. Here are a few tips on setting up a computer in your lease office space.lease office space

Desktop versus Laptop

One of the first things you need to do is decide what type of computer you need for your line of work. If you commute a lot or take a lot of business trips, then a laptop is probably your best bet. A desktop is more powerful than a laptop and if you only work in your lease office space, then you need to go with a desktop. You can also speak with a  IT professional in order to get the exact model that is best for your certain needs and the type of industry that you are in.


The exact specifications of what you need for your computer depend on the needs that you have in your particular business. If you are in a creative industry, then you may have to have a large monitor for your computer that has a high resolution for the images you work with on a day to day basis. You need to set a budget aside for all of the tech tools that you will need for your new computer set up.

At Alexa’s Workspaces we offer each of our renters the space and amenities that they need. We have the lease office space that you need at the price that you can live with.