Office Changes in 2021

The effects of COVID-19 have been felt in almost every industry, and the changes each industry has had to make to follow COVID-19 guidelines are likely to be stretched into the majority of 2021. One of the biggest things affected by COVID-19 is the general workforce, and how people and businesses continue to work at home or in the office.

Unsurprisingly, in order to survive, the workforce had to pivot and adapt tremendously during 2020 in order to continue growing. Though some of these trends may be more “of the moment” than others, we expect many of these changes to continue thriving and adapting during 2021. Here are some of the biggest office trends we think you should prepare for, and what trends are coming in 2021:

  • Work From Home. One of the biggest takeaways from 2020 was that work from home is more possible than possibly anyone thought. While COVID-19 still remains a huge threat to everyone’s health and safety, companies and CEOs are encouraging their employees to work from home as much as possible, limiting the number of in-person meetings in the office until it is safe to implement a return to the workplace plan.
  • Hybrid Work. With that being said about work from home, many businesses are beginning to make hybrid-work plans, bringing employees to the workplace only when it is absolutely necessary. Other companies are making plans to bring employees back in intervals, to limit contact and crowd numbers in spaces. Though work from home is most certainly here to stay for a little while longer, you can be encouraged by the fact that businesses are working to figure out new ways to bring you back, and testing the waters as to what works best.
  • Cities to Suburbs. Since COVID-19 spread most rapidly in large, urban cities, we saw a huge shift, especially in younger demographics, of people moving from cities and back to the suburbs. So what does this mean for offices? Mainly, companies and businesses are likely to stop the usage of huge, corporate offices in main cities, and expand to smaller, more localized office spaces in the suburbs to accommodate their employees. These smaller offices will be “more agile and temporary,” and function more like hotels.
  • Re-Imagined Office Spaces. As companies figure out ways to bring employees back to the office, office spaces will have to be re-imagined in order to follow COVID-19 guidelines and regulations. Desks and cubicles will likely be moved around to accommodate social distancing, and more cleaning and sanitizing stations will need to be installed around the office to encourage frequent hand cleaning. No matter what your office is doing, don’t be surprised if you come in one day and things look far different than what you imagined!
  • Increase in Technology. Going along with re-imagined office spaces, there will likely be an increased use and installation of technology to make employees feel more comfortable. Companies may have to invest more in technology to connect with employees working from home, and the digital transformation that we saw in 2020 will continue to grow to increase efficiency and productivity. Other businesses may begin using technology to clean spaces, detect germs, or purify the air to keep employees as safe as possible.

Alexa’s Workspaces is a flexible workspace, perfect for the small business or office space you may be searching for during the pandemic, or a corporate office looking to expand into a perfect satellite location. We custom build an array of workspaces so that you can find a space that works just for you and your business. We are taking every precaution to ensure your safety during this time while maintaining our low prices that work within your budget. Visit our website to learn more and find a location near you.


Unique Workspace Solutions

This year has seen challenges like no other, everything from the way we socialize, dine, learn, and work has been turned its axis. Americans are spending more time than ever in their homes and the volume of technology we are using to communicate with each other such as Zoom meetings, conference calls, and more are being used in epic proportions. Although it’s nice to have technology so readily available, there is something to be said about face to face interaction with your coworkers that just simply cannot happen over the computer. Luckily, the traditional office space has evolved to more open concept ideas and larger gathering areas to share ideas, network, and be creative in a more inviting landscape. 


The right space can seriously impact your team’s culture, productivity, and efficiency, as well as their general wellbeing at work. At Alexa’s Workspaces, we pride ourselves on offering flexible, all-inclusive offices for a wide variety of professionals. We break the mold of traditional stuffy office spaces with individual cubicles and closed-off spaces and provide a layout tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are a large business seeking flexible working areas or are looking for a combination of workspace and collaborative meeting rooms, we have the perfect solution for you, in fact, every solution we have is tailored with your individualized needs and long-term aspirations in mind. Here’s just a few of the things you can expect. 


Flexible Workspaces

Our flexible workspaces are designed with one thing in mind – your unique business needs. We have you covered with the perfect space whether you need an office for a day, a week, a month, or a year. You’ll love our accommodating Fort Lauderdale executive offices for rent, and your employees will love the upscale environment.


Meeting Rooms

Our meeting rooms range from spacious enough for your entire company to intimate enough for a small team. All conference rooms come with a full range of amenities, including high-speed internet, video conferencing capabilities, and phone lines. They’re great for client meetings, depositions, presentations, trainings, and much more.


Virtual Offices Solutions

Are you an entrepreneur searching for an office in one of Florida’s most attractive zip codes? What about an established business looking to expand into untapped markets? Maybe you’re an international brand moving to South Florida? What about a digital-first creative in need of a premier mailing address? Our virtual offices give you everything you need.


Coworking Spaces

There’s a reason coworking and flexible workspaces account for a third of all office leases – they work like nothing else. Say goodbye to expensive contracts and unneeded square footage. Say hello to industry-leading price points and your personal ticket to productivity. We’re proud to offer some of the best coworking spaces in South Florida.


South Florida Locations

We’re all about making sure you have exactly what you need to thrive here at Alexa’s Workspaces. Part of that involves offering you convenient and upscale locations so your business can grow in the most effective way possible. That means we have Fort Lauderdale executive offices for rent and Hollywood executive suites. Check out all of our locations today!


Customized Business Solutions

Need a one-of-a-kind solution? We can make that happen. We don’t believe in the impossible – in fact, our success is linked to your success. Reach out today to learn how we can help take your business to new heights!


While nobody can deny the changes this year, how you evolve and adapt can ultimately set you apart from your competition and give you an edge. Your company’s culture and morale are often tied to the workspace so why not make it the best? At Alexa’s Workspace, we’re a local business that’s seen success by helping other local businesses. South Florida is our home. We care about the people here and their companies. We believe that offering personalized service, individualized contracts, and unique office space opportunities lead to better business outcomes all around. To learn more about our services visit us online today and don’t forget to check out our gallery showcasing beautiful office spaces! 

Amenities For Your Shared Workspace

Must-Have Amenities For Your Shared Workspace

What makes for a great shared workspace experience? Going beyond the basics to and combining the best features from the traditional office and the flexibility the 21st-century worker desires. 

For many of our members, choosing between a shared workspace and a traditional one is a no-brainer. While traditional spaces may have larger square footage and dedicated office spaces, shared workspaces offer unmatched amenities and services. 

If you or your business are looking to switch to a shared workspace, here are the 10 must-have amenities to look for in your new space:

  • Ultra-Fast Wifi. This, by far, is the number one prerequisite in a shared workspace. People will put up with less-than-perfect chairs, drink inferior coffee, and drown out noisy “office mates” with headphones. But slow or unreliable wifi is a definite deal-breaker. To ensure fast, reliable Internet connection, invest in quality IT services. 
  • Ergonomic Chairs. Since members will be spending most of their time working in your chairs, make sure they are adjustable, comfortable, and economical. Have a variety of seating options available so people can choose the best chair for their needs. 
  • Work Area Variety. Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits of a shared workspace, and that includes the type of work area. Some days work might require a quiet area or cubicle, other days may warrant sitting at a community table for a brainstorming session. Provide a range of workspace options including dedicated desks, single desks or cubicles, shared work tables, and standing desks. 
  • Call Areas / Phone Booths. Having a designated area to make and accept phone calls is two-fold: it allows members to have a private phone conversation without disturbing others and members don’t have to listen to a one-sided conversation in a shared space. 
  • Meeting Rooms. While not all members need access to a meeting room, but for those that do, this is an essential service. Meeting rooms can be for presentations, client meetings, group brainstorming, and interviews. They are also an option for longer phone calls if the designated call area is not a viable option. 
  • Dedicated Desks. A majority of members work from their laptop so their office literally travels with them. For members who require a specific set-up at their workstation (i.e. large or multiple monitors) or a secure storage area for work-related resources, dedicated desk works better fits their work needs. 
  • Engaged Community Manager. The community manager keeps your shared workspace running smoothly and fosters a sense of community. In addition, they greet members and visitors, answer the phone, give tours to potential members, and field numerous questions about the space. They also connect members, encourage new relationships, and strive to make the workspace experience the best for everyone.
  • High-Quality Office Equipment. State-of-the-art office equipment – including printers, scanners, and copiers – is essential in operating a fully-functioning shared workspace. Make sure you have a dedicated IT professional or team on-hand, as issues will occur with repeated and consistent use. You’ll want these resolved ASAP to keep your members happy and continuing to do business. 
  • Kitchen/Eating Area. Coffee and tea should be complimentary for all shared workspaces. As simple as it is, bottomless coffee (or tea) is a big perk and selling point of shared workspaces. A kitchen should also be available so members can store their lunch in the fridge, or make a meal and eat together in a dedicated area. 
  • Mail Service. A professional business address is a key feature, especially for new or start-up businesses. Depending on the workspace, there may be an actual mailbox or a locking file cabinet for mail storage. 
  • Recreational Area. Recreational outlets breed higher productivity. The best-shared workspaces have a rec area complete with nap rooms, gaming areas, and conversational couches to give members a place to relax, unwind, and bond with other members. 

Alexa’s Workspaces is the future of office spaces. We are proud to offer flexible, all-inclusive offices for a wide variety of professionals. Whether you’re a small business that functions with low overhead, a corporation looking for a new location, or an entrepreneur with a game-changing vision, we have the amenities and space you need for your business. 

Contact us at 954-241-4200 (Hollywood) or 954-745-5800 (Ft. Lauderdale) today and see why we don’t have clients – only colleagues.


Fort Lauderdale Virtual Office

Why Fort Lauderdale Virtual Offices Are Perfect for Lawyers?

Fort Lauderdale is a very beautiful city in South Florida. It has many enchanting beaches and boating canals. It is the best place for a summer trip. People enjoy spending time here. It wouldn’t be any better if this becomes your business workplace. Fort Lauderdale is known for its beaches as well as boating canals. But it does have many lavish hotels, restaurants, bars. The outdoor hotels present a beautiful view of the ocean and sunset makes it more mesmerizing. These cherishing views make Fort Lauderdale the best place for business dealing and meetings. But buying an office at Fort Lauderdale can be difficult. The companies give you a lease contract with long-term instalments. It makes it difficult to afford and start your business there. But you can get a perfect office place in Fort Lauderdale at Alexa workspaces. It has flexible workspaces for all types of clients.

Fort Lauderdale office space can prove to be very beneficial for you. The Fort Lauderdale office spaces are very hygienic and have all the basic amenities. The offices or workplaces have a good clean environment which brings out greater productivity. All the enchanting views keep the employees relaxed and calm. The efficiency of the work increases by many folds. Also, it is a high-profile place to leave a good impression on your clients. Many companies suffer huge losses to less productivity and sickness of the employees. Despite giving gym and health allowances, there ain’t any better productivity. Therefore, investing in a better workplace can enhance productivity in comparison with allowances. Rental Office spaces Fort Lauderdale can bring out the best in your business. The surroundings of the office also matter. Fort Lauderdale is all about the luxurious outdoor hotels, restaurants, beaches and bars. It will be a perfect location to start your office with a better zip code

A fitting place for Professional Lawyers

Lawyers often find it difficult to get a good location and place to start their office. Normally, a lawyer would want to start an office in a high-profile building where he/she can attract more people. But the office in high-profile buildings or locations is very expensive. You cannot really buy it on your own unless you are a well-known lawyer already. Therefore, lawyers find themselves in a dilemma. But Alexa workspaces have brought just the right plan for you. You don’t need to sign lease contracts anymore. You can own office space at a reasonable price. Alexa workspaces put you on the priority. We have flexible office spaces, which people require for their unique businesses. If you are a lawyer and do not have much on your budget. You can rent the high-profile office space just for a day. It will get you through your meeting with the client and get the deal done.


The most important factor which a lawyer needs while meeting their client is privacy. A client cannot really share all their problems or trauma unless he is mentally satisfied. The lawyer has to satisfy and assure their clients that he/she can be trusted with their secrets. If a lawyer fails to keep the secret of his client, he/she loses the trust and will be defamed. However, Fort Lauderdale virtual offices for lawyers have specifically been designed to keep privacy a priority. You can have a conversation with a client without any tension or stress. It will help you focus better on your case.

Better Amenities

Rental Fort Lauderdale office spaces provide you with the best amenities. The attractive interior. Comfortable chairs, fancy tables and decent office setup. You will be cherished by the upscale office setup of Fort Lauderdale. Also, the virtual offices’ fort Lauderdale has a clean environment which meets all the standards of hygiene. You will find the environment so much refreshing, that you will want to work in it. All the paper, pens, etc would be set in a proper manner so that it may not look messy and leaves a good impression on your client. Amenities matter the most in your home. Your office should be just like your second home. Fort Lauderdale virtual offices have been built keeping it in view. 

Good Internet

If you want to make your business one of the top ranking. You will have to invest even in small things like employees health and internet. Without a good internet, you can never thrive in the market. Online business is all about attracting the audience. If you fail to keep up due to slow internet, people will turn to other business companies. But for Lauderdale workspaces provide you with the fastest internet. It won’t be an issue for you if you want to consult the case with a senior lawyer at any time.

Low on a budget

If you are a beginner and want to get a good start in your professional life, you will need a high-profile office. All the good lawyers have their office in a prime location. So they can console their clients and get a proper description of the case from them. But as a beginner, you won’t be able to buy an office of your own. But you can rent a virtual office in Fort Lauderdale according to your need. Fort Lauderdale office spaces are designed keeping in mind the unique business types. It depends on you if you want to rent the office for a day or a year. You can do all your meetings in the upscale office without really buying it. It will help you build your name in the market.


Thus, Fort Lauderdale virtual offices are the best for client meetings, business dealings and other professional conferences. It doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur who wants to start his/her office in south Florida. You can rent the upscale office with all the amenities and high-speed internet. It will cost much less than an actual office, and you will be able to shift your business to any better place. Also, the mailing address problems which freelancers often come across can be resolved with these perfect virtual office spaces. So visit Alexa workspaces now and book your own upscale office.

Alexa's Workspaces Fort Lauderdale

How a Fort Lauderdale Office Space is Staying Safe during Coronavirus Scare?

Coronavirus has taken the world like a pandemic. It initially started in China but has spread worldwide. It has become so much of importance because of no specific treatment. It is basically untreatable at the moment. But doctors are trying their best to find a cure and save mankind. Though we cannot treat coronavirus, there are preventions which we can adapt to ensure our safety and health. Coronavirus is well known all across Europe. Many people have died due to this ailment. In Florida, people are aware of the virus and are trying to take up the preventions in their daily routine life. Media and hospitals are playing a very important role in public awareness. As in Fort Lauderdale, the companies and office spaces have made the health of their employees a priority. Companies have made hygiene essential. However, it is not enough to secure yourself from the coronavirus. You have to take care of yourself by keeping this in mind that it is a very dangerous virus.

Alexa workspaces provide you with best workspaces in Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale is a prime location with beautiful beaches and boating canals. It is a tourist spot with many lavish hotels and restaurants. There are many beautiful places and mesmerizing locations in Fort Lauderdale which will astonish you. Fort Lauderdale is considered the best place for business dealings if you want to put an impression on your clients or customers. The beauty of the place will skyrocket your business. However, buying a permanent office at such a beautiful place can be heavy on your budget. If you are a small business you might not be able to meet with the expenses. But Alex workspaces brings you the finest quality Fort Lauderdale office spaces with reasonable rates. If you are a small business then switching to a virtual office would be your best option. It gives your office a mailing address of a high-profile location and is low on your budget. Finding a perfect Fort Lauderdale virtual office can be difficult but Alexa workspace is here to help.

Good Workplace

A good office place can improve the productivity of your business. It boosts up the morale of your employees. A good environment is cherished by everyone. There will be no one who wants to work in a run-down place. So the structure and ambience of the workplace matter very much not to just your employees but also to your clients. It helps in leaving a good impression on your clients. Also, a good environment gets your business deals done with ease. The employees can work in peace and with greater efficiency. But getting a good workplace in Fort Lauderdale is very expensive. Here comes the Alexa workplace. Office space rental Fort Lauderdale is very reasonable. The range of office space starts from a fine room for a small meeting to an attractive conference room with all the amenities. 

Proper Hygiene

The deadly ailments like Coronavirus do not have any treatment yet. We need to take precautions to make ourselves safe and healthy. It can be fatal to our health. It doesn’t just affect the patient but all the people around him. Therefore, it is necessary to put on a face mask and use proper hygiene methods. A good office place is the one which meets all the standards of hygiene and reduces the chances of ailments. It increases productivity as well as the quality of the environment. The use of disinfectants on the work table and glass cleaners kills off the germs. Fort Lauderdale office places keep this in view and adapt proper hygiene methods. Fort Lauderdale office places are clean. You won’t find a speck of dust. So the coronavirus won’t find its way in Fort Lauderdale.

Coronavirus Safety

The major precaution which we can adapt to save ourselves from the deadly coronavirus is the use of a face mask. The face mask is very important to prevent the virus from entering our body through breathing. The virus can replicate within minutes and produce so many of them. Each new virus can travel through the air and infect another person. However, with the use of face masks, we can reduce this risk. Another adaptation is the use of hand sanitizer. It has been proved scientifically that proper use of hand sanitizer has reduced the chances of developing coronavirus. The sanitizers kill off the virus thus, you can eat care-free. Also, the use of a face mask and hand sanitizer will improve the hygiene standards of your life. Take on these precautions if you value the lives of your family as well as yourself.

Virtual Office Importance

A virtual office has so many benefits. If you are a small business and cannot afford your own office, the virtual office would be your best option. Normally the entrepreneurs or freelancers have all the professional skills and work their best, but could not find customers due to lack of a good office. Without having your own office you cannot really attract traffic online. Clients gauge the value of your skills by your work as well. Many people find it difficult to contact you without a proper mailing address. Freelancers find themselves in a pinch in this situation. But with a virtual office, you can operate your business at home but still have a high-profile mailing address. You will attract more traffic online and your business will start to flourish. Alexa workspace can provide you with the perfect virtual offices Fort Lauderdale

Coronavirus may be an untreatable ailment but you can secure yourself with good hygiene and proper health standards. Fort Lauderdale Office spaces are very clean and hygienic. It also has a beautiful view, beaches and luxuries restaurants. Thus, it is a perfect place for business dealings and stuff. You can say goodbye to unending lease contracts and visit Alexa Workspaces. We will provide you with the best workplace you are looking for. Even if it is a virtual office, an office space, Coworking spaces, etc. We will provide you with all the amenities, high-speed internet and phone lines. So contact us now!

accept credit cards small business

Reasons Why Your Business Should Accept Credit Cards

Being a small business owner comes with a lot of challenges, but it is more than worth it in the end in order to be your own boss. There are a variety of different things that you have to contend with and worry about as a small business owner, but none of them are more important than how you will be paid by your customers. Many small business owners are just getting to the point where they will accept credit cards from their customers, and for the most part, they are happy to do it. 

Here are a few of the reasons why you need to accept credit cards at your business or executive office space.

The Sense of Spontaneity

office spaces ft lauderdaleOne of the biggest reasons why you need to start accepting credit cards is that you can take advantage of a spontaneous purchase. Studies have shown that people are more apt to buy on the spur of a moment with a credit card than they are with cash or check. This means that you will be able to grow the sales that you have all by being able to accept a credit card as payment for your merchandise.

Security and Safety

Protect yourself and your business from disputes over cash and check transactions. Major credit card providers like VISA and MasterCard provide bother merchants and buyers with protection against fraud and mishaps. If you want to scale your transaction count and processing time quickly, credit cards are the safest way to open your business to a whole new audience.

Convenience Is Key

Another benefit of being able to accept credit cards from your customers is that it will allow you to offer them far more convenience. The more convenience you can offer your customers, the more of a chance that they will come back time and time again. Having to tell customers that you don’t take credit cards can wreak havoc on your repeat business and it could make a big difference in the number of sales that you get.

shared office space ft lauderdaleLooking for Executive Office Spaces in Fort Lauderdale? Call Alexa’s Workspaces Today

If you are in need of quality office space, then the team at Alexa’s Workspaces is here to help. We will provide the space you want at the right price and will offer the office rental you need to get off to a running start to your business. We have spacious office spaces which are usually what a new small business owner is looking for. If you’re searching for shared offices in Ft. Lauderdale, contact us today at 954-745-5800 for the best info and deals so you and your new team can get to work.

choosing the right office chair

Tips for Choosing the Right Office Chair

One of the most important parts of an office is a great chair that you can sit in while you do your work. In most office spaces, the bulk of the work is done sitting down and a good chair will help to alleviate the back problems that can come from sitting in an unsupportive chair all day. Many small business owners never give the chair they sit in a second thought until they have a debilitating back injury, which can leave you unable to work at all. 

In addition to searching for business offices for rent and “office suites near me”, you should also be shopping around for the perfect office chair. It’s an investment that you won’t regret. And the benefits will come across in every aspect of your work and personal life.

Here are a few things to look for to find a great chair for your office space.

office spaces ft lauderdaleAdjustable Backrest/Lumbar Support

One of the most crucial components of a good chair is an adjustable backrest. That is because it will allow you to take some of the pressure that sitting causes off of your back. The pressure on your back is what can cause injuries to your discs and muscles in your back, which can result in long term problems with your back muscles and spine.  Being able to adjust the lumbar support on the chair will help you change the support according to your size and weight. This will help to maintain the shape of your spine while you are sitting and it will help to reduce discomfort and pain.

Adjustable Armrests

Another very helpful element that you need to look for in the chair for your office space is adjustable armrests, which help to support your weight and give you a more comfortable experience when sitting. If you buy a chair with fixed armrests, you run the risk of them being too high or low, which will create problems with your posture. The best thing to get is adjustable armrests so you can get the right height for your particular body build.

Try A Standing Desk

Apple CEO Tim Cook equips all employees with standing desks, citing multiple health benefits and work performance improvements.

In 2018 he said, “We have given all of our employees, 100%, standing desks. If you can stand for a while, then sit, and so on and so forth, it’s much better for your lifestyle,” even going so far as to call sitting “the new cancer.” 

shared offices ft lauderdale

If your workflow doesn’t require you to be seated all the time, consider a desk that allows you to both sit and stand.

If you are looking for the right office space for your business, then look no further than Alexa’s Workspaces. We have the furnishings and space you need to get your business off of the ground.

Get To Work With The Right Workspace Now!

If you are in need of a quality virtual office, then look no further than Alexa’s Workspaces. We can offer you some of the same amenities that a regular office space has at a fraction of the cost. Contact us at (954) 745-5800 today. We’ve got what you need.

Why Virtual Office Space is Ideal for Lawyers

Finding the perfect office space can be complicated for any business. It involves hunting for and finding the right location, at the right price point, and with the right amenities. Beyond that, leasing companies tend to rope renters into unnecessary, long-term contracts. Virtual offices, on the other hand, can be the perfect solution for lawyers seeking lower operational costs, access to a professional/office address, space to work and receive clients, administrative and reception services, a better work-life balance, and more. For these and other reasons, many lawyers have turned to virtual offices like Alexa’s Workplaces as their preferred option for executive office space.

Cost Savings

Keeping down operating costs is important to all businesses large and small, but it is particularly critical for smaller, independent attorneys with few resources. A virtual office is generally the same as a standard office with one major exception: the benefits gained are based on the package of virtual office services to which you subscribe. In other words, you just pay for the services you actually use. Real cost savings are accomplished through lower monthly rental fees than traditional office space. Some virtual office packages allow for scalable hourly rentals that allow the flexibility of using meeting space on an as-needed basis, and they are typically fully furnished. In addition, lawyers can choose to go into the office only when truly necessary, and may otherwise decide to work from home. This results not only in savings on commuting costs but also in a reduction of job-related stress.

Larger, well-established law firms have also enjoyed the benefits of unbundled commercial office services through the years. By setting up short-term contracts that provide a physical address and other services, many firms have managed to expand their businesses quickly to other regions while keeping costs to a minimum.


While it may be tempting for smaller solo practitioners to run their business out of the home, they run the risk of not appearing trustworthy or credible to customers. Simply providing customers with a physical business address can actually help boost your professional image. A virtual office is a great option for lawyers to meet with existing or potential clients. Furthermore, in some regions, it may be required for lawyers to have a corporate business address (other than their residential address) to be able to practice.

Privacy and Security

One of the biggest advantages of having a virtual office is the privacy gained not only by attorneys but by their clients. Having a virtual office space allows lawyers to cost-effectively meet with clients at a professional business location other than their personal residence, or at the local coffee shop where privacy can certainly be a challenge.

Establishing a virtual legal office at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office can be your reality today. Enjoy all the benefits of a prestigious downtown address while you work at home, on the road, or anywhere else. Your virtual office will be ready for you when you need it.

Alexa’s Workspaces are much more than the premier shared office space provider in South Florida. We have custom-built an array of workplace solutions designed to exceed our clients’ expectations. Moreover, we’re a local business that has seen success by helping other local businesses from local start-ups to enterprise and corporate clients. Call us at 954-745-5800 to learn about how you can gain competitive advantages with virtual office space, or visit us online.


flexible workspaces

Why Therapists Can Benefit From Shared Office Spaces

Open workspaces aren’t just a thing of the future. For many businesses, including multi-billion-dollar start-up, WeWork, they’re a thing of the present. And flexible workspaces have been a true gift to specific industries and professions in today’s rapidly-evolving economy.

This post will explore the benefits of flexible workspaces to therapists and other professionals with similar office needs. It will also detail some of the benefits businesses can expect when using open workspaces, including efficiency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. To top things off, we will touch on how these benefits could help a therapist who runs their own practice.

The Benefits Of A Flexible Workspace

Flexible workspace companies leverage the same economic and social trends that make ridesharing apps like Uber and other gig economy start-ups like Airbnb and TaskRabbit some of the most valuable companies in the world.

One in four Americans now takes part in the gig economy, where freelancers trade assets or services that would have previously been handled by specialists. And just as Uber and Airbnb have created conundrums for the transportation and hospitality establishments, WeWork and other flexible workspaces have drastically shifted the landscape of commercial real estate and off space rentals.

If you’re still asking, “what is a flexible workspace?” there’s a chance you’ve been fortunate not to be affected by the real estate and financial turmoil of the past decade. But many freelancers, managers, and executives are well aware of the market conditions that make open office spaces so attractive to today’s businesses.

flexible workspace companiesThe Benefits Of Flexible Workspaces



By forgoing a long term lease or permanent purchase of a property, a business owner will save considerable costs that can be invested in improving the core business. They will also avoid overhead costs that come with maintaining your own office space. Triple net costs including utilities and maintenance could make your lease agreement a debilitating expense. 


Flexible workspaces are just that — Flexible. Another benefit of not buying or leasing a long-term office space is the financial and time flexibility you will experience. 

Flexible workspaces often have a variety of packages for short and long-term tenants to choose from, which allows owners to focus on staff, innovation and growth instead of the additional expenses and stresses that come with owning or leasing your own property. They also often have a variety of locations in one city, giving the option for rescheduling or relocating a meeting or for convenience.


Many modern workspaces attract clients with amenities and exclusive member benefits. Soho House in New York and Los Angeles attracts elite artists and influencers with chic restaurants, bars, cinemas, spas, workspaces and residency options. Another example is Alma, a successful and flexible workspace with a revolutionary approach to therapy.

Why Therapy Should Be Flexible

A therapist’s office space should be comfortable and convenient for both the therapist and the patient. Alma is the proof-of-concept for this idea and a model that any therapist might want to consider adopting and adapting for their own practice. 

what is a flexible workspaceAlma offers a co-practicing community of therapists, coaches, and wellness professionals to patients looking for a new approach.

Alma gives providers the tools and resources they need to operate and grow a private practice including office space and online billing services. Patients can shop for providers by degree, service type, specialty, or location. It’s only a matter of time before communities like these are thriving all around the country thanks to like-minded professionals and their crowd-sourced tools.

Alma acknowledges on their website that “the experience of therapy is complicated. For patients, it’s hard to find the right therapist, it’s scary to ask for help, and most therapy spaces don’t feel like a protected, comfortable environment for great care. For mental health providers, it’s hard to find flexible office space, daunting to figure out the right tools and processes to run your business, and isolating to work in private practice.” These are all reasons why Alma exists.

Flexible workspaces like this can create a community of top-quality mental health services. Therapists and mental health professionals are surrounded by peers who can offer support, collaboration, and client referrals. And when it happens in a beautifully designed, flexible office space like Alma’s, with easy-to-use-technology to simplify communication, scheduling, and accounting, it’s a dream come true for everyone involved.

Ready To Get To Flexible?

At Alexa’s Workspaces, we concentrate on our clients’ needs, so they can concentrate on growing their business. If you are looking for first-class amenities, as well as a fully-customizable and flexible space to suit your specific needs – look no further! 

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Where to Find the Perfect Office Space in South Florida

Congratulations. Your business has hit a growth spurt: you’re generating revenue, and maybe, you’ve even hired your first employees. It’s very likely at this stage in your journey, your home office is no longer cutting it as a headquarters. It’s time to upgrade to an executive office space

Finding and renting executive office spaces that meet both your needs and your budget can be exciting but also stressful, especially in an area like South Florida, where the office market ebbs and flows due to job growth and an increased population. Finding the perfect South Florida office spaces requires more than luck – you need a partner who offers fully customizable services, in addition to helping grow your business.

What to Look for in Executive Office Suites?

As you look for your new office space, there are several things you should consider. Day-to-day life is a major consideration. For example, do you plan on spending a lot of time in the office? If so, you might want impressive facilities such as a built-in gym or showers. 

South Florida Office SpaceTo boost productivity and efficiency, consider a  professional receptionist, call redirecting, digital mailing solutions, and even hot beverages for clients and guests. Creating a professional and upscale environment also enhances credibility in the eyes of visitors and your clientele. We all know what South Florida traffic is like, so you want to ensure your office space is in a prime location and that parking is easily available. 

Finally, as a rapidly growing business, you likely need the flexibility to scale up and down with the pace of business. You want to ensure that your workspace solutions provider is sync with you in terms of contract length, office space size, and optional add-ons.

Consider Virtual Offices

If you know that you need a South Florida office space to add an enhanced air of professionalism and credibility to your brand, but don’t want to commit to renting executive office suites, consider virtual offices. Virtual services can offer an enhanced presence for your business, including professional phone service and mail handling. 

Virtual offices are a great option if you’re looking to increase your business’ profile without the added cost of a new physical office. 

Executive Office SuitesFind Your South Florida Office Space

Are you an entrepreneur, freelancer, small business, or startup located in South Florida? Whether your goal is lowering your overhead or providing an amazing experience for your clients, you need to find the perfect office space or virtual office service.

Alexa’s Workspaces offers customizable virtual office services, as well as the flexibility to suit the needs of each individual client. Our virtual offices are available on a monthly, with no set-up fees – just sign up and you’re ready to go. With two convenient locations in Ft Lauderdale and Hollywood, we can help you take the first steps towards a more profitable future. Contact us at our Ft Lauderdale offices today at (954) 745-5800 or our Hollywood offices at (954) 241-4200.