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Four Reasons to Rent a Furnished Office in Fort Lauderdale

Are you a freelancer looking to find executive office spaces? Are you starting a new business? Are you looking to set up a temporary office for your established business? In any of these situations (and plenty more), fully-furnished executive office suites offer a lot of benefits. Here are just a few reasons you should consider renting a furnished office space.

Instant Efficiency

With furnished executive office spaces, you walk into your office for the first time and hit the ground running. Finding office space can be a challenge to begin with, then once you find one you need to design and furnish the space. Instead, you can opt for executive office suites in Fort Lauderdale that come with all the necessary furniture, high-speed internet connection, phones, and everything else you might need. Imagine getting into your office, turning on your laptop on, and just like that, you are ready to do business. You will save yourself hours, and maybe even days, of playing interior designer.

Executive Office Suites Fort LauderdaleFinancial Flexibility

You usually have to sink quite a bit of money into an office in order to get it to a professional level. A good chair alone can cost upwards of a thousand dollars. Add a quality desk, file cabinets, and the usual office trappings to the list and, before you know it, you have spent several month’s rent money on furniture alone. Renting a furnished office in Fort Lauderdale is particularly advantageous if you are interested in a temporary space with a monthly agreement. Even with a small budget, you can have a high-end executive office space fully furnished and ready to go.

Designed by Professionals

You may know everything there is to know about the law, investing or accounting, but chances are interior design is not your strong suit. Still, you want to work in style, in a space with a professional aesthetic that your clients will react to positively. By renting furnished executive office spaces you can bypass hiring an interior designer. You can also put that expense, as well as what you would spend on furniture, towards months of rent.

One Less Thing to Worry About

You have a business to run. Setting up an office, designing it, finding the perfect furniture for it, and setting up internet and phone lines take up valuable time you can devote to your business. The right Fort Lauderdale executive office suites do all this extra work for you and free up your calendar for the things that really matter.

Executive Office Suites Fort LauderdaleFinding the right office space in Fort Lauderdale can be challenging, but luckily you have Alexa’s Workspaces on your side. We are a workforce solutions company that specializes in furnished, full-service office spaces. We also offer industry-leading amenities, including business coach consultations, networking opportunities, and more! Call our Ft Lauderdale offices today at (954) 745-5800 or our Hollywood offices at (954) 241-4200. We’re your first step towards a brighter, more profitable future.

Virtual Offices

Virtual Offices
There is no question that searching for a new office space can be a daunting and an
overwhelming task for any business owner. If you are not quite ready for a
traditional space, but still need some of the benefits that go along with professional
office space, then a functional and affordable option is to choose a virtual
workspace.  Alexa’s Workspaces, offers a customized solution for any of your virtual office needs, which will help you to expand and grow your business.

No matter what type or size of business you have, a virtual office offers a
number of benefits that are extremely helpful to most businesses. The majority of
amenities that we offer are the same ones that you would receive from a traditional
office space, at a fraction of the cost.
When you choose a virtual office from Alexa’s Workspaces, you will
have the ability to access your office no matter where you are as long as you have
an internet connection. This allows you to remove the restrictions that are created
by the traditional types of office space. When you take advantage of the virtual
office features that we offer then you can avoid any of the financial burden and
stress that goes along with any type of traditional office. We have the tools and
abilities that are needed to help expand your business. Some of the amenities that
you can utilize from Alexa’s Workspaces include:
• A prestigious business address;
• Services from an administrative assistant;
• Mail handling benefits;
• Services of a professional receptionist to call and forward calls;
• Access to meeting rooms and conference facilities;
• Scanning, copying and printing services.

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Helpful Tips on Competing with Big Business

One of the biggest challenges that a small business faces is competing with bigger corporations who do the same type of work that they do. In most cases, it is easy to allow yourself to be outdone by a bigger company and the only way to beat them is to stay on your guard at all times. 

Larger firms may have resources available to a degree that smaller ones don’t, often allowing them to produce cheaper and sell goods and services at lower price points and strengthen overhead. However, many still lack the resources to connect with their customer base effectively, which is one of the advantages of being a small business and one way you can outdo a large business. 

Here are a few tips on how to beat a big business from the comfort of your rent workspace.

Create Relationships

office spaces ft lauderdaleOne of the first ways to get your business on the track to success is by building relationships with all of your customers. These relationships will help you to get great recommendations from your customers and can help your business grow just by word of mouth. 

Larger businesses rely heavily on empty advertising campaigns that usually turn off most consumers and by getting personal with your customers you can have a larger impact and gain more sales. By making a good impression on your customers, you will be able to garner a reputation that will attract more customers to you.

Flex Your Flexibility

Often times, larger companies are incorporative of so many moving parts that maneuvering around processes like feedback and idea generation can be extremely difficult. The good news is that, as a smaller firm, you have the agility to adapt to market fluctuations, increased competition and, most importantly, client feedback. Smaller companies have much better control over every level and aspect of their business model and can accommodate the unique needs of every single one of their clients.

Don’t Stress About Price

Many small business owners make the mistake of trying to compete with large corporations on their price, but usually, it is impossible for a small business with limited resources to compete in the price department. The best thing you can do is keep your prices competitive but focus more on the quality of your product. Most people do not mind paying a bit more for a product if it is high quality and well made.

open office space ft lauderdaleWant to Effectively Compete with Big Business? Call Alexa’a Workspaces Today

At Alexa’s Workspaces, we can offer you the best rent workspace around. We have amenities and space that can help you get your business off to a good start. Whether you’re a small business that functions with low overhead, a corporation looking for a new location, or an individual entrepreneur with a game-changing vision, we have virtual offices in Ft. Lauderdale that will work for you. Contact us today at 954-745-5800. We don’t have clients – only colleagues.