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Why Fort Lauderdale Virtual Offices Are Perfect for Lawyers?

Fort Lauderdale is a very beautiful city in South Florida. It has many enchanting beaches and boating canals. It is the best place for a summer trip. People enjoy spending time here. It wouldn’t be any better if this becomes your business workplace. Fort Lauderdale is known for its beaches as well as boating canals. But it does have many lavish hotels, restaurants, bars. The outdoor hotels present a beautiful view of the ocean and sunset makes it more mesmerizing. These cherishing views make Fort Lauderdale the best place for business dealing and meetings. But buying an office at Fort Lauderdale can be difficult. The companies give you a lease contract with long-term instalments. It makes it difficult to afford and start your business there. But you can get a perfect office place in Fort Lauderdale at Alexa workspaces. It has flexible workspaces for all types of clients.

Fort Lauderdale office space can prove to be very beneficial for you. The Fort Lauderdale office spaces are very hygienic and have all the basic amenities. The offices or workplaces have a good clean environment which brings out greater productivity. All the enchanting views keep the employees relaxed and calm. The efficiency of the work increases by many folds. Also, it is a high-profile place to leave a good impression on your clients. Many companies suffer huge losses to less productivity and sickness of the employees. Despite giving gym and health allowances, there ain’t any better productivity. Therefore, investing in a better workplace can enhance productivity in comparison with allowances. Rental Office spaces Fort Lauderdale can bring out the best in your business. The surroundings of the office also matter. Fort Lauderdale is all about the luxurious outdoor hotels, restaurants, beaches and bars. It will be a perfect location to start your office with a better zip code

A fitting place for Professional Lawyers

Lawyers often find it difficult to get a good location and place to start their office. Normally, a lawyer would want to start an office in a high-profile building where he/she can attract more people. But the office in high-profile buildings or locations is very expensive. You cannot really buy it on your own unless you are a well-known lawyer already. Therefore, lawyers find themselves in a dilemma. But Alexa workspaces have brought just the right plan for you. You don’t need to sign lease contracts anymore. You can own office space at a reasonable price. Alexa workspaces put you on the priority. We have flexible office spaces, which people require for their unique businesses. If you are a lawyer and do not have much on your budget. You can rent the high-profile office space just for a day. It will get you through your meeting with the client and get the deal done.


The most important factor which a lawyer needs while meeting their client is privacy. A client cannot really share all their problems or trauma unless he is mentally satisfied. The lawyer has to satisfy and assure their clients that he/she can be trusted with their secrets. If a lawyer fails to keep the secret of his client, he/she loses the trust and will be defamed. However, Fort Lauderdale virtual offices for lawyers have specifically been designed to keep privacy a priority. You can have a conversation with a client without any tension or stress. It will help you focus better on your case.

Better Amenities

Rental Fort Lauderdale office spaces provide you with the best amenities. The attractive interior. Comfortable chairs, fancy tables and decent office setup. You will be cherished by the upscale office setup of Fort Lauderdale. Also, the virtual offices’ fort Lauderdale has a clean environment which meets all the standards of hygiene. You will find the environment so much refreshing, that you will want to work in it. All the paper, pens, etc would be set in a proper manner so that it may not look messy and leaves a good impression on your client. Amenities matter the most in your home. Your office should be just like your second home. Fort Lauderdale virtual offices have been built keeping it in view. 

Good Internet

If you want to make your business one of the top ranking. You will have to invest even in small things like employees health and internet. Without a good internet, you can never thrive in the market. Online business is all about attracting the audience. If you fail to keep up due to slow internet, people will turn to other business companies. But for Lauderdale workspaces provide you with the fastest internet. It won’t be an issue for you if you want to consult the case with a senior lawyer at any time.

Low on a budget

If you are a beginner and want to get a good start in your professional life, you will need a high-profile office. All the good lawyers have their office in a prime location. So they can console their clients and get a proper description of the case from them. But as a beginner, you won’t be able to buy an office of your own. But you can rent a virtual office in Fort Lauderdale according to your need. Fort Lauderdale office spaces are designed keeping in mind the unique business types. It depends on you if you want to rent the office for a day or a year. You can do all your meetings in the upscale office without really buying it. It will help you build your name in the market.


Thus, Fort Lauderdale virtual offices are the best for client meetings, business dealings and other professional conferences. It doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur who wants to start his/her office in south Florida. You can rent the upscale office with all the amenities and high-speed internet. It will cost much less than an actual office, and you will be able to shift your business to any better place. Also, the mailing address problems which freelancers often come across can be resolved with these perfect virtual office spaces. So visit Alexa workspaces now and book your own upscale office.

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Common Problems of a Home-Based Virtual Office and How to Fix Them

Working from home can create just as many problems as solutions if you’re not careful. 

In most cases, a new business owner will start out with a very limited budget, which is why a home-based virtual office is usually the decision that most newbies will make regarding their workspace. Simply Googling “executive offices near me,” or “virtual office space near me” will show you plenty of options, but it is difficult to tell a dream deal from a nightmare if you don’t know what to look for.

A virtual office is both cost-effective and easy to manage, but it can be a perilous journey filled with challenges for both the business owner and their customers. Although a virtual office gives you the freedom of working from anywhere, it can be filled with distractions that can throw you off of your game if you are not careful and focused on the task at hand. 

virtual office space near meHere are a few tips you can use to become more productive when working from your home-based virtual office.

Find Your Balance

One of the first things you need to decide when working from a home-based virtual office is when you will get the majority of your work done. If you are an early riser, then it makes more sense that you would get up early in the morning and try to accomplish the most in the early hours of the day. If you are a night owl, then burning the midnight oil may be just the thing you need to do to get your work done. You need to work during the time where you have the least distractions, so be sure to assess your best time to work and then act on it.

Develop a Schedule

Another very important part of working successfully from home is developing a solid schedule to follow on a daily basis. This will help you to stay focused and stay on track with the tasks you have at hand without falling behind. You need to work in your home-based virtual office just as you would in a regular office setting because if you do not take it seriously, your customers will start to have doubts.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Without the cues of a boss or coworkers, you will need to motivate yourself and follow through on every task. Use calendars, timers, to-do lists, and planners to organize your time, and reward yourself for completing goals by getting out or taking a break.

executive offices near meCreate A Balanced Work-Life Environment

Create an office or desk space in your home that has physical and mental boundaries from your personal life. Keep your work in your workspace to avoid working in bed or at the pool. Once you handle business, you can use your free time to roam your home or beyond.

Create Your Perfect Executive Virtual Office With Alexa Workspaces

If you are in need of a quality virtual office, then look no further than Alexa’s Workspaces. We can offer you some of the same amenities that a regular office space has at a fraction of the cost. Are you wondering, “Are there executive offices near me?” or looking for virtual offices near you? We have what you need. Contact us today at 954-745-5800 to reserve your space.

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Traveling for Business? Virtual Offices Are Your New Best Friend

If your work requires frequent business trips, you’ve probably thought about how much time and money you would save by working remotely, as opposed to maintaining your physical office. Aside from the added expenses of rent, parking, and commuting, physical offices also limit the flexibility and growth potential of many businesses. The long-term commitment and overhead costs associated with a physical office are no longer a sound investment in this economy. For this reason, virtual offices for business travel are becoming extremely popular.

Virtual offices aren’t just for normal business operations looking to manage remote or freelance work. They can also be incredibly useful for traveling business owners. This post will explain the benefits of using a virtual office while traveling for business.

The Benefits of Virtual Offices for Business Travel

The Global Business Travel Association reports that the “number of business trips taken annually in the U.S. was 488 million in 2016. This translates to an average of 12 to 14 trips per year, with 4 to 6 nights away from home during each trip.” This statistic only applies to traditional business traveling, so adding freelancers, digital nomads, and mercenary power would increase those numbers considerably.

business travel virtual officesBeing “out of the office” is no longer a valid excuse for not delivering your work on time. That’s why more professionals are turning to virtual office services, including receptionists, mail handling, and forwarding services. Conference and meeting rooms are also widely available through coworking spaces like WeWork.

Balancing Bleisure

While increased demand for global accessibility and instant results can make things stressful, people are more aware of self-care and work-life balance concerns. Working remotely can allow more family time, personal development, and vacations. Professionals of all ages and experience levels are becoming aware of the benefits of “bleisure” (Business + Leisure).

Expedia Media Solutions claims that 43 percent of business trips in the US are bleisure trips, and 84 percent of bleisure trips are in the same city or area as business trips. Aside from convenience, bleisure trips can also save money. Frequent flyers know that adding an extra weekend to a journey can cut down on the total price. This situation sounds like a win-win for everyone.

Building Your Virtual Office

Finding and carving out your own business travel offices will be an experience that is unique to your needs. Sales teams, media producers, and art directors all have different needs to maintain their ideal workflow. Researching and testing the newest apps and platforms will allow you to create the virtual office of your dreams much faster than you ever thought possible.


Sharing travel itineraries, business data, and emergency funds is simple with apps such as Tineri. Keep up with traveling employees with GPS-tracking and receive progress reports along the way. For matters too complex or delicate to manage on your own, consider hiring a virtual assistant, accountant, legal team, or COO to assist with heavy lifting.

temporary workspaces for business travelers


Make sure your team is on the same page with a project management app like Slack, Asana, or Trello. These apps enable secure file sharing, text messaging, and group functions that will make everyone’s lives easier, including managers, freelancers, and team leaders.


Pick and choose specialty apps and services to build the perfect virtual work environment for yourself and your team. Virtual assistants, video conferencing apps, and temporary workspaces for business travelers are all elements that may come in handy in future dealings. Business travel virtual offices and other virtual services are changing the way all organizations do business.

Thinking About Going Virtual?

At Alexa’s Workspaces, we concentrate on our clients’ needs, so they can concentrate on growing their business. If you are looking for first-class amenities, as well as a fully-customizable and flexible space to suit your specific needs – look no further! Call 954-745-5800 today and see why, at Alexa’s Workspaces, we don’t have clients – only colleagues.

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How A Virtual Office Adds a Professional Image for Your Business

The latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau reveals that more than 75% of American businesses are home-based! Whether you’re a startup, an independent professional, or an entrepreneur, you’re likely using advanced technological tools to remain close to your customers and be productive while saving money by working from home. To grow, though, you need your business to gain trust with your target market and to have a professional image. However, if you’re a small business, you probably can’t afford the high rent prices that a private office space in a high-profile building demand. It’s more cost-effective and convenient to work from home! So how do you solve this conundrum? The answer is a virtual office space. 

What Is a Virtual Office?

When it comes to a physical address for their business, home-based business owners and freelancers often face a dilemma. There are privacy and safety issues in using a home address as a physical business address, plus it just doesn’t look trustworthy or credible to customers. Yet, many small businesses either don’t require or simply cannot afford costly permanent office spaces.

Virtual Office SpaceVirtual office space allows you to have a physical address in a prime location and to take advantage of other office-related services without the overhead costs, meaning that you can work from anywhere while still having a professional mailing address that is not your personal residence. 

Virtual office spaces give you the advantage of providing your customers with a physical address and boosting your professional image, all without the financial burden. 

Benefits of a Virtual Office Space

Beyond gaining a premium business address, virtual offices also offer other potential benefits. Some virtual offices include services such as mail forwarding, signage services, copying and printing services, conference and meeting room rentals, and telephone answering. Many virtual offices even come with a virtual receptionist who can answer phone calls and take or redirect messages to you. All of these value-added benefits give you the professional image you need to grow your business at a fraction of the cost. 

A virtual office is also helpful when you’re trying to establish a presence in a specific location. For example, say that you’re actually based out of Atlanta but want to have a brand presence in Miami; simply, get a virtual office to virtually locate your business there. 

Private Office SpaceSince customers often gauge the size and value of your business and service by the address, virtual offices are a great option to gain a premium business address without the premium price. By still giving you the flexibility to work from anywhere, virtual offices allow you to have a professional image, gain legitimacy for your business, and also obtain some great bonus services. At Alex’s Workspaces, virtual offices are available on a month-to-month basis, with no set-up fees – just sign up and you’re ready to go. To gain a professional image immediately, call us at 954-745-5800 to sign up for your new virtual office.

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Are You Using Virtual Meetings? You Should Be and Here’s Why

Meetings are key to keeping your workflow consistent and efficient. Whether you use short daily check-ins to stay on top of the dirty details, or extended weekly deep dives to catch everyone up on the bigger picture, you should consider using the latest technological breakthroughs to make your meetings more effective than ever before.

From remote productivity to vertically-integrated file sharing and communication apps, there are dozens of tech-enhanced business tools that are currently keeping industry leaders ahead of the pack. One simple, but often overlooked tool of the 21st-century entrepreneur is the virtual meeting. 

Virtual meetings offer freelancers, remote workforces, and even regular businesses a number of unique advantages when compared to traditional meetings (increased flexibility, enhanced productivity, etc.). We’ll examine these advantages and highlight how virtual meetings and virtual offices often go hand-in-hand.

What Is A Virtual Meeting?

According to, “A virtual meeting is when people around the world, regardless of their location, use video, audio, and text to link up online. Virtual meetings allow people to share information and data in real-time without being physically located together.”

virtual meeting roomA virtual meeting app can be anything from a conference call on a free web service to a video chat on your smartphone to a group text thread on Facebook or WhatsApp. Productivity apps like Trello, Asana, and Slack have emerged as popular hubs for business communication and project management, and some provide native text, audio and video chat features, or easy integration to popular platforms.

Whatever platform your company uses to connect is your virtual meeting room. Skype For Business, Join.Me, Zoom and Google Hangouts are all highly recommended for business meetings. But have you considered the advantages and disadvantages of virtual meetings well enough to know what elements you’ll need to build your perfect virtual meeting room?

Advantages Of Virtual Meetings

Increased Flexibility

The Internet has made the world smaller in a number of ways. And just as you can sell products around the globe on the web, you can also stay in touch with partners, employees, clients, and customers from anywhere using virtual meeting spaces. Time differences, long distances, and busy schedules are much easier to manage when you can hop on a quick digital conference.

Enhanced Productivity

Many offices have adopted Slack’s instant-messaging app because of the dramatic spike in productivity it causes. By eliminating the need for so many bulky email threads, drawn-out phone conferences and energy-consuming face-to-face meetings, virtual meetings spaces like Skype keep your time and energy focused on core business objectives.

what is a virtual meetingCost-Effective

EZTalks explains, “Virtual meetings are very cheap. All that is needed are Internet connection and professional virtual meeting software, which allows everyone to attend the meeting.” If you can operate virtually, there is no need to lease office space or even force employees to leave home to work. The costs that some companies are saving with this strategy would shock you.

Disadvantages Of Virtual Meetings


What is a virtual meeting missing that you can’t get from face-to-face meetups? Face-to-face feelings. 

Yes, interpersonal contact still goes a long way in business and leadership. Even EZTalk, a video-conferencing platform, admits, “Distractions by personal and work-related issues are more likely to happen during virtual meetings than face to face ones.” 

A boss or manager who is too far removed from the trenches can become out of touch. But as long as you use virtual meetings as a tool to maximize efficiency and not a crutch to avoid difficult moments or shortcut costs, everything should be good. 


WiFi-failures and mysterious bugs can paralyze productivity if you don’t have backups and contingency plans in place. Of course, meeting in person can have its hiccups as well. But as long as you don’t lean too heavily on either option you will find your internal communications flowing much more smoothly.

Are You Ready To Bring The Virtual Meeting Place Of Your Dreams To Reality?

At Alexa’s Workspaces, we concentrate on our clients’ needs, so they can concentrate on growing their business. If you are looking for first-class amenities, as well as a fully-customizable and flexible space to suit your specific needs – look no further! 

Call 954-745-5800 today and see why, at Alexa’s Workspaces, we don’t have clients – only colleagues.

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Why Virtual Offices Are Perfect for Freelancers

Did you know that in 2018, 56.7 million Americans worked on a freelance basis? We now know that the freelance economy is growing at a fast pace, and it’s here to stay. As a contractor or a freelancer, it is sometimes difficult to be perceived as a serious player. Freelancers must avoid the perception that they cannot compete with larger firms. One thing that will immediately alert a client to the size of your operation is using your home or a P.O. box as your corporate address. Luckily, there are options. Virtual offices are one of the fastest and least expensive ways to boost your brand and fuel growth.


Why go to the office from nine to five when you can work much more efficiently from home? With a freelancer office, you can work from home while having your physical address somewhere else entirely. By having virtual offices at a prestigious building, you automatically add credibility to your name. It lets your clients know that you are serious about business and that your company or freelance service is dependable.

Professional Office SpaceMore Than an Address

With so many companies working remotely, options for professional office space are evolving. Virtual offices now offer a lot more than just a top-notch address, including productivity benefits and the latest technology. For example, they can provide you with a receptionist service or open and scan the envelopes that are mailed to you, alerting you of anything important. 


These services will make you much more efficient and make you appear larger at the same time. Freelancer offices can even provide you with conference or meeting rooms even if you do not have a full-time desk. Other services include answering phones, as well as voicemail services or call re-directing which will cut down on those robot calls to your mobile number. Using a landline makes you look more professional.


Among the many advantages of operating through a modern workspace, one should also include cost savings. Renting a traditional corporate space is very expensive. A freelancer office, on the other hand, is very affordable and comes with a host of useful extras. Add to that the fact that working remotely is often more comfortable. You can save a considerable amount of time when you avoid traffic, not to mention unnecessary stress, gas, and transportation costs.

Freelancer OfficeConsider Virtual Offices

You no longer have to meet your potential clients at a coffee shop anymore, avoiding the noise and the hassle. Instead, you can meet at your freelancer office in a great place with an amazing conference room – a place that will go a long way into adding a layer of credibility and professionalism to your name. You can automatically raise your profile by using a modern workspace.

Alexa’s Workspaces offers virtual offices on a month-to-month basis, with no set-up fees – just sign up and you’re ready to go. Virtual offices provide you with the power of multiple locations, without the added costs! Contact us today at 954-745-5800 and take your first step towards a brighter future.


Freelancing: How to Differentiate Your Solo Business from the Pack

In the world of freelancing, it’s hard to stand out from all the competition. Fortunately, there are proactive steps you can take to boost your brand. Here’s everything you need to know about freelancing and how to differentiate your solo business from the pack.

Have a Strong Online Brand

In the world of freelancing, your online presence is everything. With countless throngs of freelancers in every facet and industry, your online brand helps you stand out from the rest. When a potential client is seeking out a freelancer, one of the first things they are going to look for is a sampling of your work, and what they can expect from a freelancer.

Having a strong online brand means having a professional website full of previous work, blogs and testimonials. If you want to be taken seriously by the biggest brands, you need to give off the impression of being both professional and expert. A high-quality site offering everything a potential client needs to make an informed decision is just that.

Have a Strong Portfolio

Working for yourself requires the ability to adapt to any number of challenges. When a potential client is researching freelancers, they need to understand what you offer and whether it fits their needs.

Having a strong portfolio on display for clients is a great way to differentiate yourself from the pack. Far too many solo professionals fail to take simple proactive steps to land the clients they need. If you are looking to attract new clients, an easily accessible portfolio full of professional work people are looking for is the key to your success.

Be Easy to Work With

It may sound simple, but being easy to work with goes a long way in setting yourself out from the pack. When working as a freelancer, it is easy to become enamored with your work. Don’t fall into this trap. While you are likely very good at what you do, always remember that you aren’t writing, designing, or whatever for yourself – you are doing it for your client. Don’t fall in love with your work and refuse to budge on criticism. By being easy to work with and making the changes they see fit, you are showcasing your professionalism and inviting future work.

Have a Professional Business

Sure, working as a freelancer usually means working from home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a professional appearance to your brand. Beyond a strong website and portfolio, a professional business address is an excellent way to set yourself apart. Virtual offices are an easy and affordable way to have a prestigious business address for your freelance business. Instead of listing a home address, having a business location shows potential clients that you take your job seriously, and that they also should take you seriously.

freelance portfolioHaving a virtual office also gives you the power of a dedicated team to handle all your mail, provide professional and personalized call answering and forwarding, as well as clerical and notary services – something other work-from-home freelancers can’t match. If you want to stand out, a virtual office is your best bet.

Contact Alexa’s Workspaces Today

At Alexa’s Workspaces, we concentrate on the needs of our clients so they can fully concentrate on growing their brands. Our virtual offices provide you with the impressive business presence you need to stand out from all the other freelancers. Our virtual offices are extremely affordable for all budgets and are available on a month-to-month basis with no setup fees. Just sign up and you’re ready to go!  Call us today at 954-745-5800 and take your first step in boosting your freelance brand.

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Running a Virtual Office: Tips for Managing a Remote Workforce

Virtual offices offer a whole host of amazing benefits from companies. For small businesses, international brands, or even law firms, virtual offices offer the opportunity to have a prestigious location in a market where your company may not be present, or where it may be impractical to open a new office.

While virtual offices provide an array of impressive benefits for companies such as a dedicated concierge service, personalized phone answering, call-transferring services, and first-class administrative service, there are still challenges associated with successfully running a virtual office. One of the biggest issues many companies face when running a virtual office is managing a distant and remote workforce.

Fortunately, running a virtual office effectively just requires some sound business practices and a little help from the experts At Alexa’s Workspaces. We treat our clients’ businesses like they were our own. We always concentrate on their needs so they can concentrate on growing their businesses. We have years of experience in helping firms run virtual offices. Here are some of the best tips for managing a remote workforce.

Tips for Managing a Remote Workforce

Make Them Feel Welcome

Working from a remote location can be difficult, especially when it comes to forging interpersonal relationships. Being separated from other employees, the feelings of isolation and even loneliness can all sink in quickly for remote workers. That’s why it is crucial that you go that extra mile to ensure that all your employees – no matter their physical location – feel welcome in your company.

Let Technology Be Your Team-Building Friend

Technology plays a crucial role in communication between your team members when working remotely.  While many businesses rely on e-mail as their go-to communication platform, live-video conferencing through services like Facetime and Skype are excellent for helping establish familiarity with other workers and eliminating mixed-messages which can easily result from e-mail messaging. Instant messaging is also great for group conversations and allowing a certain level of informality, which can further foster relationships amongst team members.

Encourage Cross-Collaboration

When trying to manage your remote workers successfully, always try to encourage cross-collaboration at every opportunity. By supporting and empowering your employees to collaborate, people in distant locations can better understand the people and projects of your company. Not only that, but collaboration is an excellent way for your workers to understand each other’s abilities, personalities, and even work-style, allowing for interpersonal and team relationships to grow and thrive no matter where the location.

how to run a virtual officeOpen a Virtual Office with Alexa’s Workspaces Today

Alexa’s Workspaces provides businesses with the opportunity to expand their reach at a minimal cost. At Alexa’s Workspaces, we concentrate on our clients’ needs so they can concentrate on growing their businesses. For just $179 a month, our virtual offices provide you with the power of multiple locations without the added costs! Virtual offices are available on a month-to-month basis with no set-up fees. Just sign up and you’re ready to go!  Call us today at 954-745-5800 and take your first step towards a brighter future.

Virtual Office Solutions

The Most Common Working from Home Problems and Virtual Office Solutions

Many people today want to shed the corporate environment in exchange for a more flexible option like working from home. This option often helps individuals achieve a better work/life balance and increases overall productivity and happiness with a job. However, working from home requires discipline and may pose potential problems, but there are solutions to them. Some of the most common work from home problems and ways to solve them include:

Too Many Distractions 

Probably the most lamented work-at-home problem that people cite is that it is too distracting. Professional office spaces usually attempt to maximize productivity, but this can be difficult to achieve if your main office is at home or in a coffee shop. Additionally, people may attempt to impose on your time more because they perceive you as not being as busy because you are not going to a traditional office environment. Virtual offices can allow you to focus on your work and schedule your time in an efficient manner so that distractions are kept to a minimum.

Not Being Taken Seriously 

Professionals may be concerned that they are not taken seriously if their business address is their home address or customers do not have a good point of contact for face-to-face meetings. Some people may associate people who work at home as not being serious professionals. These misperceptions can tarnish your professional reputation and make your credibility suffer. Virtual office space can allow you to protect your professional image. You can set up a professional phone number, business mailing address and a professional receptionist to answer calls dedicated to your business. You can receive many of the same benefits as you would by leasing professional office space at a fraction of the cost.

Lack of Technology 

While many tasks can be completed with a smartphone and a laptop, professionals may need access to more technology. They may need professional phone lines, fax service, printing service or mailing service options. These are not typical concerns for a person working in an office who may have access to a technical team who can set up and keep updated all necessary devices. Additionally, problems may arise with a person’s home Internet service or other technology and no troubleshooting team is available. A virtual office provides all of the technological needs of a startup or other business without charging the high overhead costs and technology investments that are associated with leasing office space.

Staying on Schedule 

Because work and personal lines may blur when working at home, a person may get behind schedule while trying to handle a multitude of responsibilities. Virtual offices can help professionals stay on track. A receptionist can help keep appointments. Structuring a routine in which a person sets specified office hours also helps professionals stay on track.

Lack of Space 

In a busy city environment, there may be minimal space to work. There may not be enough space in a home environment to place a desk, office supplies, devices and other work needs. There also may not be enough space to have meetings with clients. Virtual offices can provide the space you need.

virtual office fort lauderdale

The Top 5 Benefits of a Virtual Office

More and more professionals are seeking flexibility and the ability to work virtually. Virtual offices meet this need, providing professionals with such benefits. Here are five other benefits of having a virtual office.

Decreased Overhead  

Virtual offices allow professionals to work where they are without having to move into a traditional office space. This allows them to avoid hefty expenses such as monthly rent or mortgage payments, utilities, staff pay, paid commute time and other common business expenses.  You can also save on technology costs since your employees may be able to bring their own technology to their jobs. Saving on these costs helps you to increase your margins and profitability.

At the same time, virtual offices provide a more professional look. You can work from home while having a legitimate physical business address. If you need to meet clients in-person, you can use the conference rooms available from our a la carte program at Alexa’s Workspaces. This option allows you to have the professional appearance of a corporate office at a very affordable rate rather than having to pay for this convenience every single day.


virtual office space ft lauderdaleVirtual offices allow you to work where and when you like. You can work from home or wherever you have Wi-fi while our in-house staff takes care of all the tedious administrative duties. This means no more sitting in traffic or waiting for the bus or train. No long, exhausting commute, plain and simple. At Alexa’s Workspaces, we can handle some of the typical office-related tasks for you, such as answering calls, forwarding messages, copying, faxing, notarizing, mailing documents and other administrative processes.

Increased Productivity 

Because virtual offices allow professionals to work from the comfort of their own homes or any other secure location, workers are often more productive.  They do not have to spend hours stuck in traffic. Many professionals prefer flex-work so they feel even more attached to their employer.  

Turnover rates are often decreased when companies provide more flexible options, so productivity also realizes an increase due to happier employees and more seasoned employees that do not have to invest time in training another round of new employees. Many employees prefer virtual offices and feel that this work arrangement instills trust in them and will likely work harder to prove this confidence is well-placed.

More Employee Options 

By allowing employees to work remotely, you can tap into worldwide talent.  By not being dependent on proximity, your business opens itself up to the potential of working with experts in the field, skilled independent contractors and prestigious employees who happen to be in other states or countries.  You can use a virtual office to set up a satellite office so that you can freely communicate with others around the globe. Virtual offices also allow you to work with people from other countries and cultures. Our offices hire bilingual staff who can help you communicate with your customers and clients in real-time.

virtual office in ft lauderdaleExpanding Is Easy

Freelancer or not, having a virtual office allows you to expand your business incrementally, and as is needed for the way it’s growing  This is a lower cost and stress-free alternative to traditional expansion which often require relocating to a larger office and paying even greater rent prices that may hurt productivity and increase overhead in ways that make your business unsustainable. Furthermore, familiarizing yourself with a virtual office can make expanding nationally and internationally much easier and less daunting.

Reap the Benefits of a Virtual Office with Alexa’s Workspaces

Whether you’re a small business that functions with low overhead, a corporation looking for a new location in Ft. Lauderdale, or an individual entrepreneur with a game-changing vision, if you would like to learn more about the many benefits that virtual offices provide, contact Alexa’s Workspaces at your convenience. An account manager can explain what you have been missing, and show you just how we have the sorts of office spaces that will work for you. Contact us today at 954-745-5800 to get started.