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A Cheat Sheet for Running Productive Meetings

Meetings can be a time, energy, and morale drain for employees and business owners alike, especially if they are unnecessary, or employees can replace them with shorter check-ins or virtual updates. Did you know there are a sacred handful of productive meeting tips that elite managers and leaders utilize to avoid meeting sickness?

A productive meeting can go a long way toward your growth. That new client, partner, or employee could be the key to breaking through to the next level of achievement for you and your team. However, what steps are you taking to ensure that your meetings run as smoothly as possible?

Over 70 percent of senior managers surveyed by the Harvard Business Review agreed that meetings are “unproductive and inefficient.” Respondents also said that meetings “keep them from completing their work,” “come at the cost of deep thinking,” and “miss opportunities to bring teams closer.” Research shows that meetings have become longer and more frequent in the past half-century. In the 1960s, executives spent less than 10 hours a week in meetings. Today, that number exceeds over 23 hours per week.

This blog will offer practical tips for holding more productive meetings, including a strategy on how to run a productive meeting and effective meeting strategies for small business owners.

how to run a productive meetingPlanning Makes Perfect

Agendas and time limits are no fun, but they provide the structure for productive and organized meetings. According to research, 63 percent of meetings start without an agenda, and a Microsoft study found that “unclear objectives, lack of team communication, and ineffective meetings” are the top time wasters that make workers feel unproductive, totaling a third of their average workweek.

Don’t Force It

Just because you have a standing meeting doesn’t mean you have to force it into your schedule, especially if you have nothing to contribute. Close meetings with a review of upcoming deadlines and set plans to follow up as needed. These sessions are for crucial communication, and if you have nothing valuable to discuss, then your time and energy are likely better spent elsewhere. Save the status updates for a messaging system like Slack.

When you stop forcing meetings, your clients and employees will appreciate the respect you’re showing for their time by not monopolizing their schedule. When it’s truly time to meet, your conversations will be more productive and flow more naturally.

Keep It Relevant

When you are in a meeting, try not to get distracted by small talk, outbursts, or confusion. Make sure everyone remains engaged and informed on the topic. Create an open atmosphere for problem-solving and collaboration. Daydreams and digressions are indicative of the level of engagement in a meeting, and it is a meter for how relevant the conference is for those attending. Meetings should engross employee attention, and if they are not, then there is a managerial issue.

productive meeting cheat sheetGo Virtual

The final component of your productive meeting cheat sheet is a new outlook on meeting spaces. Modern workspaces offer flexible options for renting an office for meetings or conferences. Scheduling meetings while on business trips is easier than ever, and for those who handle business from home, you can now get things done remotely without anyone knowing you’re still wearing pajamas. 

Another bonus of doing business in the 21st-century is the availability of countless productivity apps at your fingertips. This convenience means all you need is a smartphone to mix and match your ideal digital office suite. Whether you are video conferencing with a prominent client or maintaining a detailed text thread between teammates, there’s an app that will help you get it done right.

Ready To Get Your Meetings Running Right?

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