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Five Small Business Project Management Tools You Should Be Using

Missing a deadline can spell disaster for small businesses. Time is money, and our globalized world demands instant results with no regard for the laws of time and space. As a small business owner, you have no choice but to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to both time and technology. That’s why you need to utilize as many project management tools available on the market today as possible. Let’s look at some of the most popular small business project management tools and highlight their benefits for your business.

Small Business Project Management for Smart Entrepreneurs

No matter what small business project management software you’re already using, there’s always a newer or faster way to get the job done. These five apps have either stood the test of time or shot to the front of the pack thanks to great design, intuitive user experience, and intelligent innovation. This list encapsulates our choices for the best project management software for small businesses.


small business project management

Asana combines an elegant design with all the basic building blocks of a project management suite. Organize your tasks in whatever order you prefer, jump across multiple teams and projects with a quick swipe, and quickly locate crucial files with a powerful internal search engine and inbox.


Staying in touch is essential for small business ventures. Slack makes communication possible with your teammates regardless of where they are in the world. Send a digital high five by sharing one of the app’s built-in emoji expressions or share massive files in this tiny message app with just a few clicks. Why email when you can Slack?


Social media is a substantial marketing tool for many companies looking to improve their small business project management. Instead of fumbling with passwords for multiple accounts and struggling to time posts so your followers can see them, get Hootsuite to experience the luxurious side of social media publishing. Track and target audiences, schedule posts months in advance, and easily toggle through accounts across multiple platforms.

Google Docs & Sheets

Most projects rely on text and numbers, and Google provides two incredibly intuitive apps for processing words and crunching data alongside your team. Share the same draft across multiple screens and co-edit in real-time with your teammates in Google Docs and Sheets. With detailed notes and highlighting functions, it’s easy to share feedback, export files, and get things done right the first time.


Media is the vehicle that moves information across the internet. Whether you are trading videos, photos, or audio clips, CloudApp makes it easy for your team to grab and exchange high definition files across various platforms and devices.

best project management software for small businessAccelerate Your Business with These Tools

Whether its Asana, Slack, Hootsuite, Google Docs, or CloudApp, these applications are integral tools for any small business to function more efficiently and effectively. Take advantage of these small business project management tools while operating out of Alexa’s Workspaces, where you can enjoy a flexible office space for a low cost when compared with traditional office solutions. 

Let us concentrate on your needs, so you can focus on growing your business. Call us at 954-745-5800 today to reserve a space and start using these tools to accelerate your team’s workflow. Remember, at Alexa’s Workspaces, we don’t have clients – only colleagues.

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