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Help Your Business Evolve by Renting Conference Rooms in South Florida

The way people do business has undergone a very large transformation over the past two decades. Today more people are running their business from the comfort of their home – according to data from the US Census, eight million people worked from home in 2017. For many day-to-day operations you may not need a traditional office and using the extra space you have in your home can be the perfect solution; however, there are instances when working from home can damage your business and could give people the wrong impression.

Impress and Dazzle Your Clientele

There is no doubt that receiving a potential customer in your living room will not give the same impression as meeting him or her in an executive office space, in a top-notch conference room with all the technology and amenities you will need to impress and dazzle your audience and turn a prospective client into a customer. Conference rooms are also good for other reasons besides client meetings, such as contract signing, networking events, potential employee interviews, brainstorming sessions, and employee training. 

Executive Office SpaceShared Office Spaces Can Cut Cost

The expense that comes with having such a space tends to be well beyond the reach of a smaller business and the investment simply cannot be justified. In response to this need, businesses wanting to have access to the best invest in shared office spaces. You can have access to an amazing space featuring every amenity you or your business would need for maximum efficiency. 

Some of these amenities include: 

  • Professional furniture
  • Whiteboards
  • Hi-speed internet
  • Professional on-site receptionists
  • Concierge services
  • Hot beverages
  • Audio and video conferences

With a cost-effective workspace, your clients and staff alike can enjoy all of these features while your business pays only a fraction of the cost. You use the space when you need it, you’re able to give the right impression when you have a meeting, and when you are done with the space, someone else can access it instead. This way, the costs are shared, but the benefits are essentially the same as if you owned the space all by yourself.  Having a cost-effective workspace that molds to your needs and does not break the bank will help your business evolve to the next level.

Shared Office SpaceVirtual Offices Give You Flexibility

Another option for a cost-effective workspace that offers conference rooms is a virtual office. Virtual offices are often available on a month-to-month basis with no set-up fees – just sign up and you’re ready to go! Not having any meetings next month and you don’t want to have the expense of an office? Not a problem. You can forgo having an office this month and get one again when you need it.  With virtual offices, you also have the power of having multiple locations without the added costs.

If you are looking for first-class amenities, as well as a fully-customizable and flexible space to suit your specific needs – look no further! Contact Alexa’s Workspaces today at 954-745-5800 today and see why, at, we don’t have clients – only colleagues.

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