how to run a virtual office

Running a Virtual Office: Tips for Managing a Remote Workforce

Virtual offices offer a whole host of amazing benefits from companies. For small businesses, international brands, or even law firms, virtual offices offer the opportunity to have a prestigious location in a market where your company may not be present, or where it may be impractical to open a new office.

While virtual offices provide an array of impressive benefits for companies such as a dedicated concierge service, personalized phone answering, call-transferring services, and first-class administrative service, there are still challenges associated with successfully running a virtual office. One of the biggest issues many companies face when running a virtual office is managing a distant and remote workforce.

Fortunately, running a virtual office effectively just requires some sound business practices and a little help from the experts At Alexa’s Workspaces. We treat our clients’ businesses like they were our own. We always concentrate on their needs so they can concentrate on growing their businesses. We have years of experience in helping firms run virtual offices. Here are some of the best tips for managing a remote workforce.

Tips for Managing a Remote Workforce

Make Them Feel Welcome

Working from a remote location can be difficult, especially when it comes to forging interpersonal relationships. Being separated from other employees, the feelings of isolation and even loneliness can all sink in quickly for remote workers. That’s why it is crucial that you go that extra mile to ensure that all your employees – no matter their physical location – feel welcome in your company.

Let Technology Be Your Team-Building Friend

Technology plays a crucial role in communication between your team members when working remotely.  While many businesses rely on e-mail as their go-to communication platform, live-video conferencing through services like Facetime and Skype are excellent for helping establish familiarity with other workers and eliminating mixed-messages which can easily result from e-mail messaging. Instant messaging is also great for group conversations and allowing a certain level of informality, which can further foster relationships amongst team members.

Encourage Cross-Collaboration

When trying to manage your remote workers successfully, always try to encourage cross-collaboration at every opportunity. By supporting and empowering your employees to collaborate, people in distant locations can better understand the people and projects of your company. Not only that, but collaboration is an excellent way for your workers to understand each other’s abilities, personalities, and even work-style, allowing for interpersonal and team relationships to grow and thrive no matter where the location.

how to run a virtual officeOpen a Virtual Office with Alexa’s Workspaces Today

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