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Location Vs. Amenities: Which is More Important When Choosing Office Space?

If you are considering starting a new business, or maybe opening an office in a new market, you are likely going to view a number of potential office spaces. When trying to figure out what space is best for your company you are likely to get sucked into an age-old debate: location vs. amenities. Which is more important when choosing office space?

Location, Location, Location

In the business world, having a great location can be the difference between being a success or having close up shop.  For lawyers and investment firms, having a central, downtown location can be the ticket to landing more clients (a central location has a much more impressive sound to clients). In addition, a centralized location usually offers much better transportation options for potential clients to reach a company’s offices.


While a location is great, amenities are what can keep a business thriving. Finding an office space with amazing amenities can be the difference between attracting world-class clients to your company or losing them to a competitor. Not only that, but great amenities can help boost a company’s employee morale and productivity.

Which is More Important?

In the world of business, which is more important? Location or amenities? While the answer really depends on the unique situation each business is in, the consensus answer amongst industry insiders is that amenities trump location. After all, for many brands, location isn’t really a big deal. What is a big deal, however, is attracting and retaining employees and clientele – something world-class amenities can go a long way in facilitating.

That’s not to say that a great location isn’t essential for those in certain industries. For those in more traditional fields such as attorneys, investment bankers, a central location still remains an extremely important component when choosing the right office space.

The Best of Both Worlds!

What if you didn’t have to pick between an excellent location and first-class amenities? What if you could have both?

At Alexa’s Workspaces, we offer executive suites and virtual offices in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale. Situated in one of the premier buildings in all of Fort Lauderdale, our offices are within walking distance to the Federal Courthouse and City Hall, and is in the heart of the city’s Central Business District.  Las Olas Boulevard, renowned for its world-class shopping and eateries, is only a five-minute walk.

For those commuting, the building is within a few minutes’ away from Fort Lauderdale’s Brightline station, offering fast and luxurious service to Miami and West Palm Beach. Our offices are also close to I-95, I-595, Tri-Rail and the Hollywood/ Fort Lauderdale International Airport.

At Alexa’s Workspaces, our tenants are like our family. Helping their businesses succeed is our number one goal. For that reason, we offer an unparalleled array of amenities, which can be tailored to suit their every need. Our clients can expect:

    • Conference rooms
    • 24/7 office access
    • Dedicated phone and fax lines
    • Professional and personalized call answering and forwarding
    • 24 Hr. Security
    • Private gym and showers
    • FREE Shuttle service
    • Parking for you and your clientele
    • Free coffee and tea service
    • Clerical assistance
    • Mail Handling (both domestic and international)
    • A dedicated local phone number
    • Notary services
    • Translation services
    • Courier services & MORE!

Virtual Offices

For smaller businesses, or for those looking to enter into the Fort Lauderdale market, virtual offices are an excellent option.  Virtual offices allow a business owner the ability to work from anywhere in the world while maintaining a physical presence at our prestigious location. Having a virtual office gives you all the benefits of a professional office without the overhead and problems of having to run your headquarters yourself.

You’ll receive the same personalized care and attention as our other executive suite clients, along with a “brick and mortar” location you can use for Google My Business listings and for client communications.

Looking for Office Space in Fort Lauderdale? Give Alexa’s Workspaces a Call Today!

If you are looking for first-class amenities, as well as a fully-customizable and flexible space to suit your specific needs – look no further! At Alexa’s Workspaces, we concentrate on our clients’ needs, so they can concentrate on growing their business. Our virtual offices provide you with the power of multiple locations without the added costs! Virtual offices are available on a month-to-month basis, with no set-up fees. Just sign up and you’re ready to go!  Call us today at 954-745-5800 and take your first step towards a brighter future.

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