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Why Having a Prime Business Address is Crucial to Your Firm’s Success

Virtual offices provide businesses of all shapes and sizes with an impressive array of services and benefits. This is especially true for law firms. For law firms looking to expand their reach and attract new clients, a virtual office makes a lot of sense. One of the best reasons a firm should consider a virtual office is because of the benefits that an excellent business location provides. Here is why having a prime business address is crucial to your firm’s success.

Firms Can Charge Higher Rates for Services

Having a prestigious location listed as your law firm’s business address offers a wealth of opportunities. First and foremost, that prime location can significantly increase the value of your services, as well as the potential rates you can charge. Being based in a part of a city where rents or real estate prices may be lower may allow a law firm to land a larger space, but because of the location, it may not attract the exact clientele the firm was targeting.

prime business services addressHaving a prestigious location, such as in the heart of Downtown Fort Lauderdale for instance, a law firm can attract a much wider range of potential clients. This is because a prominent business address gives the firm a greater sense of authority and trustworthiness to potential clients. After all, they aren’t in some odd, off-the-beaten-path location – they’re in the heart of the city!

Boost in Credibility

Part of the reason why firms can charge a premium rate when having a premium location is that a prestigious business location provides an instant air of credibility to the practice. When a potential client researches law firms, they need to consider several things before setting up an initial consultation. One of these is the location of the firm. Being ideally situated in a great location and in easy commuting distance is enough to provide a credibility boost that can bring new clients through the door.

Ease of Access for Clients

Not only that, but having an impressive, centralized business address can make it easier to arrange meetings with clients or potential clients.  One of the great benefits of virtual offices is that you have the option of renting out an office or meeting space when needed. This can allow a firm to schedule dates around their client’s needs and meet with them in an impressive office that is easy to reach by various modes of transportation. Alexa’s Workspaces is within walking distance of the Brightline, and a few minutes’ drive from I-95, I-595, US-1, and the Tri-Rail.

business addressGet a Prestigious Location and Amazing Support with Alexa’s Workspaces

Alexa’s Workspaces provides law firms with the opportunity to expand their reach at a minimal cost. At Alexa’s Workspaces, we concentrate on our clients’ needs, so they can concentrate on growing their business. For just $179 a month, our virtual offices provide you with the power of multiple locations without the added costs! Virtual offices are available on a month-to-month basis with no set-up fees. Just sign up and you’re ready to go!  Call us today at (954) 745-5800 and take your first step towards a brighter future for your law firm!

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