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Setting Up a Temporary Office For Health Insurance Enrollment

November 1 starts enrollment for health insurance, and all businesses should know the added convenience that comes with setting up a temporary office for the employee health insurance enrollment process. 

According to insurance.com, “Before 2014, you could buy an individual health plan at any time of the year. But now, except for special circumstances, you can purchase individual coverage only during the period known as open enrollment.”

The Kaiser Family Foundation reports that “approximately 14.4 million people purchased their own health insurance through the individual insurance market as of the first quarter of 2018. These individuals may be self-employed, work as independent contractors or own small businesses; others may work part-time or seasonally. Whatever the reason, they lack access to a comprehensive, employer-based benefits package.”

You may want to consider offering a smooth and easy experience for your employees and contractors by utilizing a temporary office to manage the complicated enrollment process. This blog will cover setting up a temporary office and the benefits a firm can enjoy in terms of efficiency and cost-cutting when they employ this small business hack.

health insurance for small business ownersSetting Up A Temporary Office

Finding temporary office space in this day and age is not as difficult as it was in previous generations. Popular shared workspaces like WeWork and The Gathering Spot offer flexible office space rentals, and terms that range from short to long term. While it may be tough to secure elite executive office space in these open environments, the flexible office space might be ideal for an option for a month of administrative traffic.

Pros And Cons Of Temporary Office Space


Temporary offices will streamline the arduous process of enrollment. The detour from regular office or workspace will keep traffic flowing and emphasize the importance of this process.


Instead of taking time, space and energy away from your company’s capital needs, you can find affordable open space in your area. Ultimately, cost-cutting measures can aid businesses in being able to offer health insurance benefits to grow and attract more competitive talent. You can also give employees hints on filling out their forms, possibly saving them (and you) money on health insurance obligations.

Small Business Control

As a small business, the benefits that you get from giving employees the temporary space to sort out enrollment is huge. Your Human Resources department can aid, guide and facilitate a smooth exchange of information between parties that are already familiar.

flexible office spaceOverall

Plans must cover certain benefits, but health coverage still varies, depending on how much of the costs are being paid. If you can afford to be there for your employees, then you should be. Walk them through the differences between bronze, silver, gold and platinum packages and advise with their best interest at heart. You will be making a long-term investment in your team’s human capital, fortifying your business and building morale and trust behind your leadership.

Ready To Learn More About Health Insurance For Small Business Owners?

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