Why Should Shared Workspace be a Business Goal for 2020?

Office and desk space are key components to a workplace environment, both of which can impact a company’s culture, efficiency, and productivity. Workspace can also influence a company’s appeal to potential new employees. However, given the expense and other issues, creating the right work environment can be particularly challenging for small businesses, start-ups, and other companies with satellite locations or remote employees. Shared workspace can be an ideal solution in these cases. In fact, there are a number of benefits of having a shared workspace that tie directly into a company’s business goals. 

What is a shared workspace? Basically it is a location where individuals from a variety of businesses can come together to engage in work. Typically it involves paying a monthly fee for access to the building and meeting space. It can be perfect for those that may not otherwise be able to afford a brick and mortar space.

Some shared workspaces provide instantaneous engaging work environments. Offices with the old arrangements of cubicles and unpleasant fluorescent lighting are by far less popular as the workforce is becoming privy to healthier, more attractive options. In fact, having an engaging workspace is not only a “nice to have” anymore. In terms of keeping current employees happy and attracting prospective employees, it has become critical to create a work environment that is quiet, attractive, and relaxed. Happy employees are more productive and are less likely to leave, which is huge for the bottom line. Of course, attracting new talent is also critical to the ongoing success of any business. Shared workspaces also provide the following benefits.

Cost savings

Getting a membership in a shared office space is typically far less costly than buying or leasing a large office.

Fewer responsibilities and commitments

Membership to a shared workspace typically includes services like cleaning and maintenance, those annoying tasks that take away from a business owner’s time and energy to focus on the business. In addition, rather than requiring a multiple-year lease, shared workspaces may offer the flexibility of monthly plans if not even daily or hourly plans.

Networking opportunities

Shared workspace may include dozens or more of other professionals occupying the same space. This can be a huge advantage for small businesses seeking to expand their network.

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